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Safety Operation Rules for basket (ship)

1. In the construction management of the project, the crane basket (crane boat) shall be specially managed by the equipment personnel as a special construction facility.

2, construction and production of manned lifting basket (lifting ship), must have a certificate of quality, license, production license.

3. The basket (boat) must be in good condition, and the rated bearing capacity must meet the requirements of working load; It is strictly prohibited to use temporary and damaged baskets (boats) or baskets (boats) that do not meet the requirements after inspection.

4. The safety factor of the wire rope used in the basket (ship) should be more than 9 times of the rated load.

5. Basket lifting (boat lifting) operation shall not be carried out in rainy or snowy days or windy days of six degrees or above.

6. Single operation is strictly prohibited; In case of electrical failure, two men manually descend to the ground.

7. Hoisting basket (ship) operators must pass physical examination and training before they can work; It is forbidden to work after drinking.

8, the basket (boat) before use, must check the lifting machinery brake, controller, limit limiter, clutch, wire rope, pulley block and distribution, lifting hoist and other abnormalities; The counterweight must be reliable and fixed, strictly prevent dumping; The balance arm pin is installed in place; The wire rope shall not be kink, squeeze, loose, bending, indentation, ablative, oil, wear, broken wire does not exceed the limit.

9, before the operation, should first use the lifting basket (lifting boat) to work load 1.5~2 times of the object lifting and positioning test, confirm the safe and reliable operation before use.

10. The operator on the basket (ship) must wear safety helmet correctly, and hang the safety belt on the reliable support or special safety rope at the working part according to the principle of high hanging, and it is strictly prohibited to hang it on the basket (ship) or wire rope.

11. When using the basket (boat), warning signs and fences must be set up under the working area and special personnel should be assigned to monitor the operation; The lifting of the basket (ship) must be directed by special personnel. When the basket (ship) is above three levels (including three levels, namely 30 meters high), special communication equipment should be equipped.

12, the work surface is strictly prohibited to hinder the lifting basket (lifting ship) protruding; The operation process must pay attention to observe, pay attention to avoid.

13. When sending personnel, materials and welding wires, oxygen acetylene bottles, cables and other items are strictly prohibited to rise and fall with the basket (lifting ship); Small tools and articles that must be carried by operators should be placed in tool bags and should not affect the normal activities of operators.

14. It is not allowed to use ladders, benches and foot pads in the suspension platform.

15. The hanging basket is not allowed to be used as a lift for carrying people or goods. It is not allowed to set another hanging device on the hanging basket.

16. When the operator uses the electrical equipment in the suspension platform, the electrical equipment lower than 500W can be connected to the standby power line terminal in the electrical box, but the electrical equipment higher than 500W is strictly prohibited to be connected to the electrical box, and must be powered by an independent power supply.

17, the load in the basket should be evenly distributed, strictly prohibited to gather at one end.

18. When welding and cutting operations are carried out in the basket (boat), the basket (boat) and the rope should be protected against fire and insulation; When working up and down the basket (boat) or in the basket (boat), fixed measures must be taken to ensure the stability of the basket (boat).

19, in the process of operation, it is strictly prohibited to deviate from the vertical direction to pull the basket (boat).

20, in normal work, it is strictly prohibited to touch the slide device and brake with safety lock (centrifugal trigger type safety lock). In the process of operation, when the height difference between the two ends of the basket (boat) exceeds 15cm, it must be adjusted in time.

21. During the lifting process of the basket, attention should be paid to the cable at any time to prevent the cable from being broken by hook hanging.

22. In case of wire rope breakage, abnormal sound of hoist and other faults affecting normal use, the operation should be stopped immediately, the hanging basket (lifting ship) should be evacuated, and the fault should be removed by professionals.

23. After the work is finished, lower the basket (boat) to the ground, cut off the power supply, and cover the motor and control box with tarpaulin to prevent rain.