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Safety technical operation rules for electric welding machine

1, the welding machine should have a complete protective shell, one, two terminals should have a protective cover. The welding machine used on site should be equipped with a shed that can prevent rain, moisture and sun protection, and equipped with fire protection supplies.

2, when welding, welding and coordination personnel must take measures to prevent electric shock, falling, gas poisoning and fire accidents.

3, when welding copper, aluminum, zinc, lead and other non-ferrous metals, it must be carried out in a well-ventilated place, welding personnel should wear gas masks or breathing filters.

4. When welding in the container, there must be inlet and outlet air outlets and ventilation equipment on the container. The lighting voltage in the container shall not exceed 12V; When welding, someone should be present for supervision. Welding is strictly prohibited in containers that have been sprayed with paint or plastic. It is strictly prohibited to weld and cut on pressure pipes, flammable and explosive objects and stressed components in operation.

5, when welding preheating welding parts, baffle should be set up to isolate the radiant heat emitted by the welding parts.

6, high altitude welding and cutting, must hang the safety belt, welding around and below should adopt fire prevention measures and have special supervision.

7, welding line through the road, must be high or put into the protection tube buried underground, such as through the track, must be through the track below.

8, the grounding line and the hand line shall not be built on flammable, explosive and with heat sources, the grounding line shall not be connected to the pipeline, equipment and building metal frame or track, grounding resistance is not greater than 4 ω.

9, rainy days shall not open air welding, in the wet area of the operation, the operator should stand in the place with insulating articles and wear insulating shoes.

10, the long-term disuse of welding machine, when using to check its insulation resistance shall not be less than 0.5 ω, wiring part shall not have corrosion and damp phenomenon.

11, welding clamp should be firmly connected with the handle line can not be held by arm clamp, remove welding slag, face should avoid being cleared weld.

12, in the load operation, welding personnel should often check the temperature rise of welding machine, such as more than class A 60℃, class B 80℃, must stop running and cooling.

13. Oxygen bottles, acetylene bottles, wood and other inflammable products shall not be piled up within 10m of the welding site.

14, after the operation, clean up the site, extinguish the fire, cut off the power supply, lock the switch box, remove the residual heat of solder, the operator can leave.

15. The use and transportation of all kinds of gas cylinders (oxygen, argon, acetylene and carbon dioxide, etc.) of welding equipment should comply with the "Gas Cylinder Safety Supervision Regulations".

16, should pay attention to the primary and secondary lines, can not be connected wrong, the input voltage must meet the provisions of the welder's nameplate, strictly prohibit contact with the live part of the primary line.

17, secondary tap connection copper plate must be pressed the terminal post should have a hot ring, before closing should check the wiring nut, bolt and other parts are loose or damaged.

18, mobile welding machine, should cut off the power supply, shall not use the method of dragging the cable to move the welding machine, such as welding power failure, should cut off the power supply.

19, welding and cutting site must be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment, dangerous people should be responsible for on-site monitoring.