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Safety technical operation rules for painters and glass workers

1, all kinds of paint and other flammable and toxic materials, should be stored in a special warehouse room, not mixed with other materials. Volatile oils should be placed in airtight containers for safekeeping.

2, the warehouse should be well ventilated, not allowed to live, and set up fire equipment and "no fireworks" obvious signs. A safe distance should be kept between the warehouse and other buildings.

3, with sandblasting derusting, nozzle joint to firm, not allowed to people. Nozzle blockage, should be shut down to eliminate pressure before repair or replacement.

4, the use of kerosene, gasoline, loose water, acetone and other mixtures of oil, to take safety protective equipment, and strictly prohibit smoking.

5, cotton yarn contaminated with paint, rags, oil paper and other waste, should be collected and stored in covered metal containers, timely treatment.

6, in the indoor or container spraying, to keep good ventilation, no fire around the painting operation.

7, the use of electrostatic spray painting, in order to avoid electrostatic aggregation, spray room (shed) should have grounding protection device.

8, brush the outside window sash, must hang the safety belt in a secure place. Brush sealing eaves, downfalls, etc. should be set up scaffolding or hangers. When oil is brushed on a tin roof over 25 ° C, movable ladder, protective railings and safety nets should be provided.

9, the use of blowtorch, refueling should not be too full, pumping should not be too long, the use of time should not be too long, ignition nozzle is not allowed to people.

10, the use of spraying machine, hands with slurry water is not allowed to switch, to prevent electric shock. Nozzle blockage, dredging is not allowed to people.

Cutting the glass should be carried out in the designated place. The leftover materials cut off shall be piled up and handled in time. Wear gloves when handling glass.

12, in the height of the installation of glass, the glass should be placed smoothly, vertical under the ban. Install roof lighting glass, should lay foot board or other safety measures.

13, use tools to put into the bag, do not mouth nails. Hang the wind hook after installing the glass.

14. If there is no provision in this chapter, it shall be subject to (80) National Safety and Technical Operation Rules for Construction and installation Workers.