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Safety and technical Operation rules for electricians

1. The installation and maintenance of temporary lines and electrical equipment on the construction site shall follow the Technical Specifications for The Safety of Temporary Power Consumption on the Construction Site and the organization design of temporary power consumption construction.

2, all kinds of electrical equipment and lines should not exceed the safety load, should be firm, good insulation and installation of safety devices, is strictly prohibited to replace the fuse with copper wire.

3. Explosion-proof electrical equipment and lighting fixtures should be used in places where flammable liquids and gases are placed and used. Lighting fixtures should not be installed directly on combustible components.

4, the installation of electrical lines should strictly comply with the electrical installation specifications. The erection height of wires and lamps should not be less than 2.5m, and it is not allowed to drag the floor or tie and hang on the metal frame or steel bar. After the installation of the line, the insulation resistance between the wires and the ground must be tested by megohmmeter, and it can be put into use after receiving qualified experience.

5, do not make lampshade with paper, cloth or other combustible materials, the bulb should keep a certain distance from combustible, prohibit the use of lighting lamps for heating and drying goods, the bulb is not allowed to pile up combustible, in class C warehouse, do not allow the use of tungsten lamps and incandescent lamps more than 60W and other high temperature lamps.

6, change (distribution) electric room should be kept clean and dry. The electrical room should be well ventilated. Smoking, lighting fire and storing articles irrelevant to the electrical room should be prohibited. Electric room should be equipped with "1211" fire extinguisher.

7. Electric furnaces and large wattage heating appliances are strictly prohibited in construction sites, offices and collective dormitories.

8. Electrical equipment and circuit should be checked frequently. If spark, short circuit, heat and insulation damage are found, they must be repaired immediately.

9. No load connection or power failure on the line. No live work.

10. If there is no provision in this chapter, it shall be subject to (80) National Safety and Technical Operation Rules for Construction and installation Workers.