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Gd Province Overseas Chinese Building & Decoration  Co.ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise of Guangdong Guanghong Asset Management Co., Ltd., with independent legal personality, a group member of China Building Decoration Association, a member unit of China Exhibition Hall Association, and a professional engaged in building decoration and decoration engineering design. And construction, exhibition and display engineering design and construction enterprises, with national architectural decoration and decoration engineering, curtain wall engineering professional contracting first-class and first-class design and exhibition and display engineering design and construction integration and other eleven professional design and construction qualifications.




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The company's main business: design and construction of architectural decoration and decoration engineering, architectural curtain wall design and installation, exhibition and display engineering design and construction, construction engineering construction, municipal public works construction, mechanical and electrical equipment, architectural engineering lighting and sound engineering design and installation, metal Door and window engineering, steel structure engineering, fire protection system, technical defense system installation and other related engineering business.

In line with the purpose of efficient and high-quality service, the company has:

The decision-making level consists of: the board of directors and the board of supervisors; the management management consists of five people: the general manager and the deputy general manager; the chief engineer, the chief economist, the chief accountant, and the legal advisor are complete, and the business departments are: office, personnel department, and finance department. There are nine functional offices including the Department, the Operation Department, the Design Department, the Quality and Safety Management Department, the Contract Budget Department, the Material Supply Department and the Information Center. The company has Guangdong Huamei New Building Materials Co., Ltd.; according to the needs of the business, the company has set up Beijing Branch, Taiyue North Branch, Tianjin Branch, Liaoning Branch, Huasheng Branch, Sichuan Branch, Shenzhen Branch. Branch, Zhuhai Branch, Jiangmen Branch, Zhongshan Branch, Shandong Branch, Shanxi Branch, Hubei Branch, Xi'an Branch, Xinjiang Branch, Guangxi Branch, Hainan Branch, Henan Branch; It is necessary to set up more than 20 branches including equipment installation branch, curtain wall branch, curtain wall door and window branch and one to ten companies. The company's business covers all parts of the country.

The company currently has a group of experienced and high-quality professional and technical personnel and economic management personnel. Among them, there are more than 50 engineering professional and technical personnel with intermediate professional and technical titles, and more than 10 qualified project managers and construction engineers. In addition, the professional and management personnel of architecture, structure, environmental art, decoration design, HVAC, water supply and drainage, lighting and sound, architectural acoustics, electronics, machinery, etc. are complete, which provides a good foundation for the high-standard operation of the enterprise.

The company now has a number of advanced production machinery and equipment, the design management has adopted the current advanced computer operating software system, and also has the corresponding production equipment and venues.

Since 2002, the company has established and implemented three international management systems of quality (ISO9001), environment (ISO14001) and occupational health and safety (GB/T28001), and has obtained the certification of authoritative organizations. The company's daily operation and management are monitored and verified in accordance with the above three standards to provide efficient and high-quality services to the society.

According to the requirements of state-owned enterprise reform in the new era, the company has established a complete management mechanism, creating a people-oriented, honest, progressive, high-quality and efficient atmosphere for the development of the enterprise. The company's operating efficiency has reached a new level every year, and has been awarded many times by the Guangdong Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Guangdong Guanghong Asset Management Co., Ltd. In 2005, it was awarded the "Advanced Unit of Safety Production" by the Guangdong Provincial Government; years of design and construction , has accumulated rich practical experience in management, and the completed engineering projects have been well received by customers and all sectors of society, and have won the national "Luban Award" for high-quality projects, the "Silver Award" for national high-quality projects, and provincial and municipal high-quality engineering awards. ; For 18 consecutive years, it has been awarded the honor of "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise" by the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, and has obtained the AAA-level credit awarded by the bank. The company has successively completed a series of major projects with important influence, including the fine decoration general contracting project of the Fortune Hotel in Foshan (cost 150 million, won the Luban Award), and the Beijing Jockey Club fine decoration general contracting project (cost 200 million, won the Great Wall Cup Gold Award), interior decoration general contract of Shangri-La Hotel in Guilin (cost 45 million yuan), Urumqi International Airport Reconstruction and Expansion Terminal Interior Decoration Construction Contract Section II (cost 60 million yuan), interior of Tibet Military Region Military History Museum Exhibit decoration and supporting projects (cost 65 million yuan), acoustics and advanced decoration engineering construction of Shaanxi TV studio construction project (cost 80 million yuan, won the National Quality Engineering Award), Foshan Nanhai Wanda Plaza project residential bottom commercial and foreign decoration engineering ( The construction cost is 36 million yuan, and won the best cooperation award), the office and dining hall of the Yingkou production base, the decoration project of the reception building (the cost of 70 million yuan, won the cooperation award), the design and construction of the renovation project of No. 128 Binjiang West Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City Chemical project (contract price of 31 million yuan), Yimin Building A, C area and garage exterior curtain wall project (contract price of 33.46 million yuan), Shanxi Media Institute Broadcasting and production center interior decoration project (second bid section) (contract price 20.01 million yuan), Nansha Yinfeng Square exterior wall decoration, aluminum alloy doors and windows and indoor wall railings (contract price 24 million yuan), Shengda Plaza exterior wall decoration project (contract price 54 million yuan), Qingdao Xinghewan Phase I Indoor residential and public parts of Buildings 1 and 8 in No. 2 Park (contract price of 24.04 million yuan), Zhengzhou Jianye Tianzhu International Apartment Refined Decoration Project (Part III, logistics area) (contract price of 30.17 million yuan), Dalian Vanke New Metropolitan house decoration (25.23 million yuan), China Electronics Dongguan Zhongdian Panda District A Electronic Product R&D Office and supporting project-No. 1 R&D center exterior decoration project (contract price 18.03 million yuan), Dalian Vanke Jade Four Seasons project C3 area decoration ( The contract price is 20.38 million yuan), the construction of the exhibition project of Foshan City Exhibition Hall (the second tender) (the contract price is 22.56 million yuan), the external wall project of the general contracting project for the construction of the South China New Energy Building (the contract price is 49.17 million yuan), the South China The first phase project of Guangzhou International Campus of University of Science and Technology (contract price is 38.75 million yuan), the first phase of Tianjin Yufeng Garden project aluminum alloy doors and windows, curtain wall project (contract price 21.48 million yuan), Tangshan Seaport Economic Development Zone infrastructure and supporting projects PPP project No. 1 The third middle school project (contract price of 30.3 million yuan), the new party school auditorium decoration design and construction integration construction project of Wenshang cadre political and moral education base (12.58 million yuan), the renovation project of No. 39, No. 21, Chegongzhuang Street, Xicheng District (12.95 million yuan) ), the fine decoration of the fifth bid section of the Shigatse hotel renovation project (contract price of 78.46 million yuan), the construction of the eighth bid section of the Shigatse hotel renovation project (contract price of 19.25 million yuan), the aluminum alloy of the 2# and 3# buildings of the Pearl River International Financial Center Doors and windows installation project (contract price of 16.87 million yuan), fine decoration project of Radisson Hotel on the 25th to 31st floors of Zhuofan Center (contract price of 31.52 million yuan). The projects under construction mainly include the water supply and drainage project of the new outpatient and emergency building of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force Characteristic Medical Center (contract price of 14.17 million yuan), and the electrical equipment installation project of the new outpatient and emergency building of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force Characteristic Medical Center (contract price of 2404 yuan). RMB 10,000), China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Maoming Branch’s new business operating room decoration project (contract price of 26.5 million yuan), and the refined decoration project of the East District of Chengdu Qianhai Life Insurance Hospital Complex Project (the first bid section) (contract price of 30.38 million yuan) Yuan).