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Gas welding (cutting) safety technology operation

1. Welding and cutting operations belonging to the scope of first, second and third level fire must go through the procedures of fire application and obtain the fire license before operation.

2, before gas welding (cutting) should check the situation around the workplace, welding, cutting near the flammable and explosive items in the absence of cleaning or effective measures before, do not prepare for operation. No welding or cutting is allowed when there is conflict with open fire operation in the vicinity.

3, acetylene, oxygen cylinders should be used in an upright position, installation of safety tempering stopper, no supine use, the distance between acetylene and oxygen cylinders should not be less than 10m, not on the high and low voltage line or next to the transformer, should keep a certain horizontal distance.

4. Gas cylinders and welding tools are strictly forbidden to be stained with grease, and exposure and impact are strictly prohibited to prevent thermal expansion. The valve should be opened slowly to prevent excessive pressure boost from high temperature, spark caused explosion and fire. Do not use open flame to test conduit and its connecting device for leakage.

5. Containers and equipment with flammable liquid and dangerous chemicals are not allowed to be welding and cutting without cleaning. Welding and cutting are strictly prohibited in dangerous places where combustible, steam, gas, dust or open fire is prohibited.

6, the welding wire can not contact with the gas cylinder, can not be put together with the gas welding hose. Hose should not pass through flammable and explosive places.

7. Welding and cutting operations are not allowed in the parts with combustible materials. Welding and cutting work is not allowed to cross with paint and other flammable materials.

8. High altitude and open-air welding and cutting are prohibited in case of strong wind above level 5.

9, welding and cutting site must be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment, dangerous people should be responsible for on-site monitoring.

10. After welding and cutting, the gas source must be cut off. Hot welding tools and welding parts are forbidden to be placed on inflammable and explosive items.