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Safety technical operation rules for waterproofing workers

1. Persons suffering from skin disease, eye conjunctival disease and severe sensitivity to waterproof materials shall not be engaged in waterproof work. Intermittent time shall be appropriately increased for each class of waterproof work.

2, loading and unloading, handling, boiling, modulation, spread waterproof materials, must use the provisions of protective equipment, skin shall not be exposed.

3, liquefied barrels of waterproof materials, the first barrel cover and air hole all open, with iron bars, the party should be baked, and often dredge into the oil hole and air hole, fire and oil direct contact is strictly prohibited.

4, boil asphalt and other waterproof materials location, shall not be located in the vertical below the wire, generally should be 25m away from the building, pot and chimney distance should be greater than 80cm, pot and pot distance should be greater than 2m, fire and pot side should be 70cm isolation facilities. Temporary stacking of materials, fuel, not less than 5m away from the pot.

5, before boiling oil to remove the pot debris and water. Oil boiling must be strictly supervised by experienced workers. To measure and control the oil temperature at any time, the amount of boiling oil shall not exceed three quarters of the pot capacity, feeding should be slowly slipped, is strictly prohibited from putting large pieces, to turn off the fire after work, close the furnace door, cover the pot.

6, pot asphalt fire, should be immediately covered with iron pot cover, stop blowing, closed furnace door to extinguish the fire, is strictly prohibited in the burning asphalt watering, the application of sand, wet gunny bag fire.

7, with refrigeration base oil, feeding should be in batches, a small amount, slow, non-stop stirring, not more than half of the pot capacity, temperature should not exceed 80℃, and strictly prohibit fireworks.

8. Tools for loading hot asphalt and other materials shall not be welded with tin or plastic, and the amount of oil shall not exceed two thirds of the container. Shoulder or trolley, the road should be flat, rope should be firm, when lifting vertical below no one.

9, roofing paste rolling materials, 1.2m fence should be set around, close to the roofing around the edge should be side operation.

10, in the basement foundation, pool wall, pipes, containers and other places of toxic and harmful coating waterproof operation, should be regular rotation intermittent, ventilation.

If there is no provision in this chapter, it shall be subject to (80) National Safety and technical Operation Rules for Construction and safety workers.