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2011 Safety Education

At about 10:40 a.m. yesterday, the accident happened in the Boyuan apartment community, No. 1038 Datong Road, Zhabei District. A worker died in hospital after being electrocuted while repairing a water pump.

Reporters arrived at the Boyuan apartment, public security and other relevant departments of the staff are investigating the scene of the accident. According to the deceased's colleagues, the incident occurred when bo Yuan apartment complex property several workers are building water pump room maintenance operations. During the repair, one of the workers suddenly got an electric shock and fell to the ground.

The worker immediately noticed that there was a bare copper wire above the worker, which was used to connect the lights. But after the lights were removed, the wire was not protected, causing it to touch the worker's back, causing an electric shock.

Workers immediately saw the alarm, 120 emergency personnel arrived, quickly sent to the nearby Zhabei District central hospital treatment. As a result of the shock, his heart was damaged and his injuries were serious. Despite the hospital's all-out efforts to save his life, he was declared dead by doctors at 11:30 a.m. Reporters learned that the dead this year 56 years old, is Shanghai.

The main revelation of the accident: even if equipped with two levels of leakage protection, if the electric shock to the dangerous part of the person is also fatal. The wire must not be broken and exposed to charge.

2, 220 kV electric shock wearing protective equipment minor injury did not wear death

At 1:20 am yesterday, a 25-ton crane collided with a 220 kilovolt power line on Puhe Avenue in Shenbei New District, killing one operator and injuring two others on the ground.

The two injured who escaped were wearing rubber gloves and rubber shoes.

9 o 'clock, the reporter arrived at the scene. A crane parked on the side of the road was burned beyond recognition. Most of the car was burned black, and the back four tires were charred to skeleton and fibrous material. More than a dozen sleepers used to support the crane's hydraulic legs were charred, and the crane's operating room was burned. Above the crane is 220 kv high voltage power line 12 meters above the ground. Emergency crews and several sanitation workers are cleaning up the scene.

A nearby resident said, "I heard a couple of loud bangs in the middle of the night and found sparks on the road. I later heard that the crane was electrocuted and caught fire."

A worker at the scene said tires could easily explode in the heat. Rush to repair personnel more than ten meters away from the crops, found the ring was blown up. In front of the crane, a badly damaged prefabricated house lies on the side of the road, its steel frame tilted out of shape and its iron sheets exposed with foam.

Three people in the same place why does one die?

So much electricity, three people in the same environment, how does one die?

Sun Changying, director of the Shenyang electric power facility Protection Office, said the injured wore gloves and rubber shoes, which provided good insulation. In addition, there is a certain damage after the board house falls off and touches the ground, and some of the foam leaks out. When the two injured people control the board house, they touch the foam more. And the workers who died, their own protection measures are not enough, it is likely to be direct contact with the board room iron sheet, resulting in a large area of electricity.


High pressure ionization center is charged within 8 meters

How powerful is 220 kilovolts? The voltage used in homes is 220 volts, and the high voltage is 1,000 times that, which is very powerful.

Sun Changying said, once the high-voltage wire discharge to the ground, with the electric point as the center, the ground within the radius of 8 meters are dangerous, large machinery work site, the general safety distance of 6 meters.

Sun Changying reminded that in the case of similar "electric shock", it is easy to escape from the car with one foot on the ground, and the other foot is still on the car. A huge voltage may be formed between the feet, which is very easy to lead to electric shock, so you should close your feet and jump out of the cab.

The main revelation of the accident case: it is a criminal behavior to fail to make the operators wear safety protective equipment according to the standard, which will cause avoidable accidents.

3. The power line is not protected by casing, and the grounding resistance does not meet the requirements, resulting in death

On September 11, 2002, shenzhen nanshan district, because of the typhoon rain, some engineering artificial dig-hole pile construction to cease, and the weather is fine, after the rain stopped the workers return to work on homework, about 15 when 30 points, and the next shower, most of the workers to stop work return to dormitory, 25 and 7 pile holes need to continue the construction because of its special geology (25 by jiang x two person in charge). At this time, the wire into the end of the distribution box because there is no pipe protection, the insulation was cut at the entrance of the electric box, resulting in electric box shell, PE line, lifting machinery, steel wire rope and bucket live, Jiang ×× touched the live bucket was shocked, the rescue was ineffective and died.

Direct causes:

(1) There is no casing protection for the power line entering the distribution box, and there is no sheath for the wire entrance of the metal box, which makes the wire wear and tear.

(2) Repeated grounding device setting does not meet the requirements, grounding resistance can not meet the requirements of the specification.

(3) the selection of electrical switch is unreasonable and mismatched, and the parameter selection of leakage protection device is too large and mismatched.

Indirect causes:

(1) The setting of the on-site electricity system is not carried out according to the requirements of the construction organization design.

(2) The management of on-site construction electricity consumption is not sound, and the establishment of electricity consumption files is not sound.

Lessons from the accident:

(1) Strengthen the construction site electricity safety management.

(2) To the site electricity line erection, grounding device setting, electric box leakage protector selection should be carried out in strict accordance with the electricity specification.

(3) Establish and improve the construction site electrical safety technical files, including electrical construction organization design, technical disclosure data, electrical engineering inspection records, electrical equipment test and debugging records, grounding resistance measurement records and electrical work records.

4. Three people fell to their deaths due to sliding and pushing of pressing steel roof board

On the morning of February 20, 2002, in nanshan District, Shenzhen city, five workers in the roofing profile-steel plate installation team, Zhang ×, Luo ×, He ×, Liu × and Dai ×, were installing profile-steel plate in the house panel of the main factory no.6 at the site of the renewal project of unit no.5 and Unit No.6 of a power plant. Wasn't as required in the construction of pressed steel anchor, namely to install steel plate, in the process of installation drive, on both ends of the pressed steel sheet (zhang *, * *, and * * in the end, liu * * at the other end) and uneven force, the steel plate side slip out suddenly, drive a *, * *, and * * 3 people die buckling down to three layer platform, Fall height 19.4m.

Direct causes:

(1) Adjacent high hanging operation, do not wear seat belt.

(2) Construction in violation of the requirements of construction technology and construction organization design. According to the requirements of the construction organization design, the laying of a pressure steel plate, should be fixed first, and then turn over the plate, and the actual construction is not fixed the first plate, nor turn over the plate, but to take the flat push steel plate, due to uneven thrust instability fall.

(3) There is no horizontal protection (safety leveling net) under the construction surface, and there is a lack of effective fall prevention measures.

Indirect causes:

(1) Insufficient education and training, weak safety awareness of workers, illegal risky operations.

(2) The safety management of the project Department is not in place, full-time safety personnel are not on duty without a certificate, and the project Department does not arrange full-time safety personnel to supervise and inspect the work at the height of the day, resulting in the failure to timely detect and stop violations of regulations and construction technology.

(3) The safety technical measures in the construction organization design, scheme and operation instructions are not comprehensive, there is no strict restraint measures for anchoring, turning over and supervision, and the implementation of the construction according to the working procedure is not effective, and there is a lack of horizontal safety protection measures.

Lessons from the accident:

(1) To establish and improve the safety production responsibility system, the safety management system from the company to the project department to the team layer upon layer implementation, do not go through the motions. We will effectively strengthen safety management and have enough safety management personnel to ensure the normal operation of the production safety system.

(2) Further strengthen the construction of work safety system. Safety protection safety activities, safety technical clarificaiton, shift to a comprehensive, targeted, not only conform to the requirements of the construction, and meet safety requirements of technical specification, and unswervingly implement the in construction, not only on the scheme, construction safety must be carried out on dynamic management, and responsibility to implement the team, to the scene.

(3) to further strengthen the special management of high fall accident, high work is the highest frequency of dangerous operation in construction, the accident rate is also the highest, whether it is the edge, roof, outer frame, equipment will encounter. It is necessary to formulate effective preventive measures according to different technological characteristics in construction, and carry out special management work for high work to control the occurrence of high fall accidents.

(4) Resolutely put an end to the malignant accidents of group death and group injury, and formulate targeted safety technical measures for the partial projects prone to group death and group injury accidents to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

(5) strengthen the training and education of migrant workers, and strive to improve the safety awareness of workers, carry out the training and education of safety work, so that workers establish the safety awareness of "do not hurt themselves, do not hurt others, do not be hurt by others", and strive to overcome the idea of time-consuming training and education, correct the practice of using only without education.

5. The weight of the hanging basket is insufficient and the person falls to his death

A telecommunication complex building project in Xinyang city started construction on February 22, 2000. The contractor is a telecommunication bureau in Xinyang City, the general contractor is a construction and installation company in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province (grade I qualification), and a construction company in Nantong city, as a joint venture of a construction and installation company in Nantong city, participated in the project construction. Supervision unit is luoyang some construction supervision company.

The main structure of the complex was capped on October 29, 2001, and the basic completion date was December 30, 2002. In 2003, another construction company in Nantong evacuated the site. On March 5, 2003, xinyang some telecommunication bureau and nantong some construction company separately signed a sporadic ending project of 120,000 yuan "engineering construction agreement", the construction company left a small number of personnel for the project ending work.

On June 20, 2003 (6) about, nantong packaging group being a construction company, 3 people outside the complex building eaves replacing a piece of hollow glass, due to the electric elevator basket roofing pick beam balance weight is not enough, out of balance, cause a downturn of the hanging basket tilt, such as being caused by three people at an altitude of about 60 m from ground sliding out from the hanging basket, fall on the ground, died on the spot.

The cause of the accident

The immediate cause

According to the requirements of the regulations, the hanging basket (model: ZLD63L/63) in normal use of roof beam should be 900kg. After the accident, it was found that the counterweight of the ceiling beam of the hanging basket was only 100kg, so the overturning moment of the hanging basket could not be balanced.

The insufficient counterweight of the electric hanging basket roof cantilever led to the overturning of the cantilever and the basket sliding down.

The indirect reason

1. The operator violates the operation rules. According to the requirements of "Safety Rules for Hanging baskets for high Operations", it is necessary to check item by item according to daily inspection requirements before use every day, and conduct operation tests to confirm that the equipment is in normal state before use. Workers in the basket should wear safety belts. Ding and others connected the power supply of the basket without permission, did not carry out daily inspection on the basket before using it, and did not wear helmet and safety belt as required, so when the basket slid and tilted, three people slipped out of the basket and fell.

2. The management of the construction site was chaotic, and the supervisors were seriously derelict in their duties. On the afternoon of June 16, tile leader Zhang mou in the absence of the site in charge of the consent of the case, will happen accident hanging basket 32 pieces of balance to lend a decoration company in Shanghai, zhang mou to the project department temporary responsible person, security officer Ge mou made a report, and notify the electrician will be the hanging basket power cut; However, ge did not take preventive measures after learning of the situation, which led to the accident.

3. Safety work is not based on chapter, prohibition, rules and regulations become a formality, safety measures are not implemented. According to the regulations of the company, the distribution box on the construction site should be locked and managed by special personnel. Electricians are responsible for wiring when using electricity. Safety warning signs should be set up for the disused equipment. In actual construction, there is no strict implementation in accordance with the provisions. Safety education and training is not enough, and staff safety awareness is indifferent. Lack of supervision and inspection of the illegal operation of the field operation personnel, ding and other operation personnel using a hanging basket in the process of a series of illegal behavior has not been timely and stop.

The accident lesson

The accident is the root cause of the construction enterprise safety production management regulations is not sound, not to carry out the safe production responsibility system, leading to the construction site and operation personnel, head of the command and illegal operations at the scene of the the form a habit, and no one realized the command and illegal operation is a kind of illegal behavior, also won't get timely check and be correctived.

Effective control of construction engineering casualty accidents, first of all, it is necessary to constantly improve and perfect the system measures, which is the key to carry out. The second is to effectively control the unsafe behavior of people, in this respect, the main measure is to strengthen the training and education of safe production, and make it not a mere formality. It is also an effective way to control people's unsafe behaviors to strengthen the investigation and punishment of illegal behaviors.

Prevention countermeasures

1. Strengthen construction site management. Strictly enforce the state laws and regulations on production safety, establish, improve and implement the production safety responsibility system. Strengthen standardized management of work safety. To establish and improve the management system of special equipment on the construction site, various safety facilities on the construction site must be checked and maintained regularly to eliminate hidden dangers in time.

2. Strengthen safety education for employees. The system of work safety education and training shall be established to strengthen the work of safety education and training for employees. Personnel who have not received any work safety education and training shall not be allowed to take up their posts, and special operation personnel shall not be allowed to engage in special operations until they have received safety training and obtained a special operation certificate.

3. Strictly abide by the safety operation rules. In the process of construction, it is necessary to strictly abide by the state laws and regulations on production safety and the safety standards, regulations and rules of the construction industry, and seriously investigate and punish illegal commands and illegal operations.

6. Crossing the unfixed hanging basket and falling to death

On January 4, 2005, in the construction site of jingtian Xingyuan exterior wall project, Futian District, Shenzhen City, handman Zhang x, without wearing safety belt, was grinding the wall with sandpaper on the hanging basket on the 12th floor. At about 8 o 'clock, Zhang crossed the floor between the basket and the 12th floor, and fell to the rooftop of the fifth floor and died, falling from a height of 19.6 meters.

Direct cause: workers violate rules and regulations, do not fasten safety belt in high work, straddle between hanging basket and balcony.

The indirect reason

◎ The project department's safety management of the hanging basket is not in place.

◎ Construction units lack safety education for workers, and workers' safety awareness is weak. They do not wear safety belts in suspended operation.

The accident lesson

Strengthen safety education and safety technology disclosure for workers, improve safety quality and skills, and enhance safety awareness.

◎ Operators must use "Sanbao" correctly according to the regulations, prohibit illegal operation.

◎ The construction unit must strengthen the safety management of the hanging basket.

7, bamboo ladder instability workers fell to death

On October 5, 2005, at the construction site of Shenwan Garden project, the small window of villa slope roof leaked, so the subcontractor of waterproof project sent workers to repair the leak. Unable to climb up the roof of the villa directly, workers set up bamboo ladders on the second floor of the villa terrace to the eaves of the slope roof. At about 13:50, the bamboo ladder being set up suddenly became unstable and tilted to the outside of the terrace. Wu, who was standing on the ladder, fell from the bamboo ladder to the ground and died. The fall height is about 8 meters.

Direct cause: The ladder was not secured reliably and tilted and unstable, causing the worker on top of the ladder to fall.

The indirect reason

◎ The safety management of the subcontractor is not in place, and the unreasonable site ladder climbing scheme is adopted.

◎ Workers without detailed technical plans and adequate safety measures