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Safety technical operation rules for concrete pumping equipment

1. Pumping equipment should be placed at a certain distance from the edge of the foundation pit. There are no obstacles and high voltage wires in the operation range of the material rod.

2, the horizontal pumping pipeline laying line should be close to the straight line, less bending, pipes and pipeline support must be secure and reliable, pipeline joints should be sealed reliably. "Y" type pipe shall be fitted with taper pipe.

3. It is strictly prohibited to install vertical pipes directly on the pump outlet. Horizontal pipes with a length of no less than 10m should be installed at the front end of vertical pipes, and check valves should be installed at the horizontal pipes near the pump. When laying down the pipe, a horizontal pipe should be installed at the lower end, whose length is at least five times the difference between the inclined height and height. Otherwise, methods such as pipe bending should be used to increase resistance. If the slope is large, if necessary, exhaust valve should be installed at the upper end of the slope to facilitate exhaust.

4, sand particle size, water clay label and mix ratio should meet the requirements of pumpability of pump machine according to the original provisions.

5. When the wind is greater than level 6 or above, the pump truck shall not use the material rod. Hot weather, the application of wet sacks, wet straw bags and other cover pipes.

6, the parking brake and lock brake of pumping equipment should be used at the same time, the tire should be wedged, the water supply should be normal and the water tank should be full of clear water, there should be no debris in the hopper, and the lubrication point should be normal.

7. Bolts of each part of pumping equipment should be tightened, pipe joints should be tightened and sealed, and protective devices should be complete and reliable. All switches, handles, handwheels, control rods and cocks should be in the correct position. Hydraulic system should be normal without leakage.

8. The cleaning pipe must be lubricated with water cement mortar prepared in accordance with the provisions. During cleaning, irrelevant personnel must leave the pipe and shall not stand in the front 10m of the outlet end of the pipe. Do not use compressed air to flush the cloth rod piping.

9, the operation of the cloth (table) feet should be all extended and fixed, not fixed before the start of the cloth rod. The cloth rod can be rotated after lifting away from the support. The cloth rod should be extended in sequence. It is forbidden to lift or drag objects with cloth rods.

10, when the cloth rod is in the state of full extension, it is forbidden to move the car (table) body. When moving during the operation, the upper section of the material rod should be folded and fixed, and the moving speed should not exceed 10km/h. The material rod should not be equipped with pipes exceeding the specified diameter, and the installed hose should be tied with safety rope belt to prevent disconnection.

11, monitoring all kinds of instruments and indicators at any time, found abnormal should be adjusted or dealt with in time. If the conveying pipe is blocked, reverse operation should be carried out to make the concrete return to the hopper. If necessary, remove the pipe to remove the blockage.

12, pumping should be continuous operation, must be suspended every 5~15 minutes (winter 3~5 minutes) pumping once. If stop pumping after a long time, should reverse operation one to two stroke, and then forward pumping. When pumping hopper should be stored in a certain amount of concrete, not empty.

13, should keep the water tank full of water, found that the water turbidity and more sand should be checked in time treatment.

14. When the pumping system is under pressure, no transmission pipe or hydraulic pipe shall be opened. The safety valve of the hydraulic system shall not be adjusted arbitrarily, and the accumulator can only be filled with nitrogen.

15. After the operation, the pistons on both sides should be run to the cleaning room and coated with lubricating oil. Switches, handles, handwheels, control rods and cocks should be reset and the hydraulic system should relieve pressure.