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Safety and technical operation rules for tower cranes

1, the driver must be examined by the medical department, must be physically qualified to be a driver. Persons with color blindness, corrected visual acuity less than 1.0, hearing impairment, heart disease, anemia, meneler's disease, epilepsy, vertigo, sudden syncope, finger amputation and other diseases that hinder lifting operation should not be drivers.

2, drivers, staff should be familiar with the structure, performance and working principle of tower crane, have mechanical maintenance knowledge of basic knowledge, basic knowledge of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical control system action and safety knowledge, use knowledge of wire rope, lifting command signals, safety operation procedures, qualified through training, examination, issued by the competent department operation certificate, to boot.

3, the driver before operation, to check whether the current, voltage is normal; Whether the cable has aging, broken light, leakage problems; Whether the action of distribution appliance is sensitive and reliable.

4, check the stability of the tower body, tower foot anchor bolts and nuts are loose, locked; Whether the connecting bolts of the standard section are loosened and tightened; Whether the welding seam of welding parts is cracked; Tower arm balance arm, balance weight, pull rod bolts have no deformation, whether safe and reliable.

5. Check whether the operation control handle (or button) is sensitive and reliable; The main engine winch, motor, transmission part operation is normal; There is no abnormal murmur; Temperature rise and lubrication are normal; Whether the lifting up and down brake is reliable and the positioning is accurate; Whether the rotating tower arm and brake are balanced and reliable; Whether the teeth of pinion and inner teeth fit properly; Whether there is lubricating grease, rotating motor operation is normal.

6, check whether the hoisting wire rope, small sports car reciprocating wire rope is broken, rust, wear, distortion and other conditions, whether it meets the use standard requirements, whether the fixed end of the wire rope is loose, hanging clamp, regulating pulley rotation is good, whether there is no lubricating grease.

7. Check whether the hanging wire rope meets the standard requirements of use, whether it is safe and reliable: whether the hanging safety buckle is complete, whether the hanging thing is tight, whether the safety buckle is tight.

8, the operator and ground command personnel should be familiar with tower crane hoisting command signal (GB5032-85). At the same time, should have contact communication equipment, convenient operation contact.

9. Hoisting at high altitude shall be stopped in case of wind force above level 6.

10. It is strictly prohibited to operate the crane without obtaining the operation certificate.

11. Operation after drinking is strictly prohibited.

12. Stop operation when encountering thunderstorm and fog, turn on the electric switch and turn off the main power supply.

13. It is forbidden to carry out adjustment and maintenance work during lifting operation. During the operation, when abnormal faults are found, the machine should be stopped in time. Before the inspection, the heavy objects should be removed and the power supply cut off to find out the cause, and the operation can be continued after queuing for faults.

The driver should concentrate on the operation, it is strictly prohibited to read newspapers and magazines, absent-minded leave the work post.

15, the driver must do "ten not hanging" :

(1) No lifting over rated load.

(2) Unknown command signal, unknown weight, dim light, not hanging.

(3) The sling and accessories are not tied securely and do not meet the safety requirements.

(4) Crane hanging heavy objects are not hanging when they are processed directly.

(5) Slanting pull oblique hanging is not hanging.

(6) the workpiece standing on the workpiece or floating live animals are not hanging.

(7) Oxygen cylinders, acetylene generators and other explosive items should not be hung.

(8) Objects with edges and corners are not padded to prevent wire rope wear or cut off.

(9) The buried objects are not pulled out or hung.

(10) cadres do not hang when commanding in violation of regulations.

16. When the work is finished, record shift change and turn on the power switch and lock it.