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Safety technical operation rules for people and goods elevator


1, the operator must be specially trained, understand the basic structure of the machine, master the use of the machine, maintenance procedures, and pass the examination.

2, the operator must be in good health, no heart disease, hypertension, mental illness.

3, the operator should have a high sense of responsibility, the operation must be concentrated, is prohibited to chat with others, read newspapers and magazines, is prohibited to drink boot, is prohibited to wear slippers boot.

4, the operator should do the preparatory work before operation:

(1) Read the operation record of last shift.

(2) Check whether the action of the electrical control switch is flexible and reliable. Upper, lower, limit switch and its touch block is complete, the connection is firm.

(3) check the technical state of the lift, mainly: power and transmission parts have no abnormal phenomenon; Balance the wear and connection of the heavy wire rope. When the wire rope breaks more than 7% at each pitch, it should be renewed immediately.

Check whether the connection of guide rail frame and support system is firm.

(4) According to the maintenance lubrication requirements, add lubricating oil to the rack and pinion and guide hang.

5, take over the first time to start, 1 meters off the ground brake, check whether the work cage slide or climb, brake and speed limit failure, strictly prohibit driving.

6, shall not overload operation, load in the work cage should be evenly distributed, to prevent heavy.

① The SF-12 single cage manufactured in Lianyungang is 1000 kg or less than 12 persons

② Shanghai Baoshan 76- ⅱ single cage for 1000 kg or less than 12 people

③ The imported Scando single cage is 1000 kg or less than 12 persons

7. When off work, lower the cage to the ground, cut off the power supply, clean the elevator cage, wipe the equipment, keep clean and clean, fill in the operation record, and do a good job of shift work. If no one takes over, lock the ladder cage.

8. This procedure is the basic procedure for the safe operation of human and cargo elevators, but each elevator still has its special requirements. Operators must read the instructions of the machine carefully and operate in strict accordance with the requirements. ,

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