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High - rise steel tower safety technical operation rules

1, boot personnel should be familiar with the steel tower structure performance and use of hoist maintenance knowledge. Experienced mechanical workers to boot or after training to learn to master this regulation, after the technical department identification and audit, can operate boot, strictly prohibit migrant workers, temporary workers boot.

2, the installation and dismantling of steel tower personnel, must be in good health, who suffer from hypertension, heart disease, epilepsy, liver disease, neurasthenia, cramps, stomach disease, drunk and do not adapt to the work of high altitude, shall not participate in the installation and dismantling of steel tower work.

3, boot the operator in the operation, shall not be absent, shall not read newspapers, magazines and books, but can not leave the job, should concentrate on the boot, did not get the signal of the commander, shall not start the machine at will, where the signal of the safety command, should refuse to carry out.

4, before boot, boot personnel should first check the circuit and mechanical and electrical equipment is complete, if found to have leakage and damp, mechanical and electrical have abnormal situation, should be ruled out in time, regularly check the mechanical and electrical operation is normal, the unit shall not, in spite of faults, shall be immediately disconnect the power switch, such as the outage, repaired rear can boot. After off-duty shutdown, the operation switch "OFF" should be opened, and then open the power switch, and lock the distribution box. To prevent irrelevant personnel from starting without authorization, but also often pay attention to check the stability of the tower body and cable tension wire rope or attached rod is firm, such as abnormal deformation, should be handled in time.

5. When working at night, there must be enough lighting equipment from the tower body to the operating unit.

6, should be equipped with a clear signal (bell, indicator light, broadcast communication equipment), so that the operator and construction materials personnel contact, to ensure safe production.

7, the hoist group, electrical equipment, operating room shed, shall not have water leakage, in order to prevent electrical leakage, electric shock danger.

8, the fuselage frame of the winch must be pulled before the top, anchoring stability, mechanical and electrical should have good grounding (motor grounding resistance R≤4 ohms) and installed leakage prevention device; Mechanical transmission belt and gear, coupling, should be equipped with rear protective cover, shall not be arbitrarily removed.

9. The brake of the hoist must be sensitive and reliable. After braking, there shall be no cracks or loose relaxation, and the gap of the brake drum shall not be greater than 0.7mm~1mm. The gap of the brake belt is 1.5mm.

10, should often check the transmission part of the hoist, bearing rotation part is enough lubricating oil. If no or lack of lubricating oil is found, stop the machine and add lubricating oil in time.

11. When lifting objects up and down the floor, no one is allowed to enter the derrick. It is strictly prohibited to enter the tower body under the lifting cage and tipping bucket.

12. When taking things from the hanging cage, the hanging cage should stop positioning, and the safety handle should be moved so that the safety supporting rod can be extended. After it is well supported, it can enter the hanging cage to take things; When the hanging cage falls to the ground, the safety handle must be moved before falling, and the safety supporting rod can be retracted before falling the hanging cage.

13. It is strictly prohibited to carry people up and down by lifting cage and tipping bucket.

14. Tip bucket and bar bar (in the same side position) shall not be used together, so as not to affect the sight of the operating inspector or appear confusion.

15. Hanging cage, tipping bucket and bar bar shall not overload the hanging objects.

16, to check the use of wire rope, wire rope has one of the following circumstances, should be scrapped:

A. The wire rope is worn or broken;

B. The surface steel wire of the wire rope is corroded and the wear reaches more than 40% of the diameter of the wire rope;

C, after the dead Angle twist, part of the compression deformation;

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