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Ten, hoist safety technical operation rules

1. The operator and driver shall be trained and familiar with the structure, technical performance and basic knowledge of maintenance of the machine. Operation process by technical department appraisal, can start operation.

2. Migrant workers and temporary workers are strictly prohibited from starting the hoist without authorization.

3, who suffer from serious hypertension heart disease, epilepsy, liver disease, neuropathy or neurasthenia, cramps, stomach disease, drunk personnel can not boot.

4, boot personnel in the operation, shall not be absent-minded. No newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Can not leave the work post, should concentrate on the boot, there is no clear command signal, shall not start the machine, any violation of the safety command signal, should refuse to carry out.

5, boot personnel before starting, should first check whether the circuit and mechanical equipment is complete. If abnormal conditions or faults are found, they should be eliminated in time, and the test machine can run normally before it can be put into production.

6, machinery in operation, if found fault, should cut off the power supply to stop maintenance, repair before starting.

7, winch group, electrical equipment operating room must be set up a construction period shed, shed shall not have water leakage, in case of electrical leakage, electric shock danger.

8, the fuselage of the winch must be pulled after the front top, anchoring stability, the motor should have good grounding, grounding resistance R≤4 ohms, insulation resistance R≤0.5 megohm wire, transmission parts should have protective cover, shall not be arbitrarily removed.

9. The brake of the hoist must be sensitive and reliable. The gap between brake skin and brake drum should not be greater than 0.7mm.

10, the wire rope of the winch, in the drum should be arranged neatly, no loose running out of the drum, if the wire rope is found to jump out of the drum and entangle the bearing seat shaft, it should be stopped immediately, troubleshoot in time, and wind the wire rope back into the drum.

11, often check the use of wire rope, wire rope should be scrapped in one of the following circumstances.

(1) The wire rope is worn or broken.

(2) The steel wire on the surface of the steel wire rope is corroded and the wear reaches more than 10% of the diameter of the steel wire.

(3) after the dead Angle twist, part of the compression deformation.

(4) the number of broken wire roots of the wire rope in one lay distance shall not exceed 22 (according to the wire rope n=6 used by the construction hoist).

(5), φ 11.5 (6×37+1130-170 a).

12, often check the gearbox, bearing wire rope at the filling of lubricating oil (grease).

13. After stopping work, the power switch should be turned on and the electric box should be locked.