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Ix. Safety and technical operation rules for mixer

1, blender operator should be familiar with the structure of the blender, performance repair and maintenance of basic knowledge, blender operating procedures.

2. Operators shall not wear slippers or wooden shoes during working hours, and must wear masks when starting up.

3, fixed mixer, must be installed on a fixed base or underframe, and screw, the mobile work of the mixer with square wood cushion or support leg seat solid foundation installed flat, so that the fuselage is stable and firm, rubber tires with fine sand filled around, in order to prevent concrete mortar adhesion corrosion deterioration.

4. Before work, check whether there are sundries in the mixing cylinder, whether the transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope is broken or damaged, and whether the motor, big gear and belt pulley have protective cover. No errors can be carried out before the air machine test run.

5, the motor must have a good grounding resistance R≤4 ohms, must be installed with leakage automatic protection, insulation resistance of the motor wire, at the operating temperature, its resistance value shall not be less than 0.5 megohm.

6. When the mixer is in operation, the operator is not allowed to leave the work post. Should concentrate on the boot, not absent-minded, or read newspapers, magazines and books.

7. It is strictly forbidden to use the mixer under excessive load. According to the specified capacity of the mixer, the mixing material shall not exceed the specified value at will. When adding materials to the hopper, the sequence should be aggregate - cement - sand or sand - cement - aggregate to reduce the phenomenon of sticking tank.

8, in the process of feeding to timely add water, in order to reduce the stirring time and dust of the wind.

9. When the machine is in operation, it is forbidden to use any objects such as pickaxes, shovels or iron bars to stretch into the mixing drum.

10. When the hopper is raised, no one is allowed to pass or stay under the hopper. If it must be repaired under the hopper, the machine should be shut down, the power should be cut off, and the hopper should be buckled with a safety chain to ensure safety.

11, the hopper do not mat straw bag or mat sand, every time the hopper is put down to the ground, should be slightly stopped, and then put in the end, so as not to fall too fast damage parts.

12. In operation, if abnormal phenomenon is found, the mixing drum memory material should be cleared out, and then check or repair after shutdown.

13, stirring operation, in case of power failure, should immediately open the power switch, try to clean out the mixing drum memory material, and clean with water.

14, if people need to enter the mixing drum to clean the solidified concrete work, should open the electric switch, and lock the switch box.

15, after shutdown, the application of water and stone into the mixing drum rotation cleaning, and then discharge water and stone.

16, after the end of the work, the hopper should be lifted to the top position, and the safety chain buckle, open the power switch, lock the power switch box, covered with oilcloth.

17, in case of cold and frozen weather, water pump, tee system, water tower (water storage tank) and other internal water storage are all put clean.

18, 800 liter mixer (or batch plant) made by hua-dong works are operators, in addition to the above should be stipulated in article 17, well control operation, should be paid attention to focus on the action of the magnetic valve is sensitive and reliable, fault, if any, should be down, the electromagnetic valve of oil should be clean for beautiful, avoid oil hole plugging failure occurs, such as duct can not have leakage, wind pressure shall not exceed 7 kg, Also note that the automatic measurement of the feed, in line with the requirements, such as found that there are differences, should be timely correction maintenance, so as not to affect the quality of concrete, improve and whereabouts of hopper hoist brake should be sensitive and reliable the clearance between the brake drum and brake is not greater than 1 mm, the use of wire rope replacement of scrapped, follow the standards of steel tower hoist wire rope scrap processing, Add lubricating oil (grease) to rotating parts regularly or regularly.