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Eight, mortar machine safety technical operation rules

1. The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance and use of the mortar machine, and the maintenance knowledge. The machine can be started after the training and examination.

2, before starting, should first check the mixing cylinder has no trouble sundries, such as found in the mixing cylinder solidified mortar, gravel, sundries, should be immediately removed, no error before starting.

3, when starting the machine should be empty for 5~10 minutes, no other sundries in the cylinder, can be poured into the cylinder mixing.

4, in the boot operation, the operator shall not leave the job.

5. When starting up, it is forbidden to use iron branches, spades, hoes and other objects to reach into the stirring cylinder for poking.

6. When the mortar machine is in operation, if abnormal phenomenon is found, it should stop and open the power switch before maintenance.

7. In case of power failure during the work, the power control switch should be opened immediately, and the mortar in the mixing cylinder should be washed with clean water.

8. It is strictly forbidden to use the gravel under excessive load and pour the gravel into the mixing cylinder.

9, the motor must be set up a good grounding wire, grounding resistance R≤4 ohms.

10, the insulation resistance of the motor, at the operating temperature, its resistance value should not be less than 0.5 megohm.

11, check the height of the oil surface in the gearbox, the lubricating oil in the gearbox is generally immersed in 1/3 of the worm gear.

12, if the mechanical load is heavy, should be within 48 hours to add a lubricating oil (fat).

13, after the work, the application of clean water clean mortar, and open the electric switch, and lock.