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Safety technical operation rules for installation and disassembly of steel derrick (cage)

1. Before installation and disassembly, there should be a person in charge on site, and the safety disclosure should be carried out carefully and the visa procedures should be handled by both sides in the task list.

2, the upper altitude operator must pass the physical examination, before the upper altitude operation.

3, to participate in the installation and disassembly operation personnel must wear safety helmet, safety belt; Rubber soled shoes must be worn. Barefoot or other hard soled shoes are strictly prohibited for high altitude operation. The spirit should concentrate, strictly prohibit drunk operation.

4, the foundation should be firm, in case of weak foundation, it should be designed, calculated and treated before installation.

5. Temporary wind cables should be set up in the process of installation and disassembly (one group should be set for each 10 meters high, four for each group, and another group should be set for each additional 10 meters). After installation, cable and raking rod should be set up according to the regulations, and the screws of rod should be enough, not less or missing. After the steel tower is installed to the top, the cable should be pulled and fixed immediately, which should be pulled firmly in four directions at a 45° Angle. The ground anchor should be firm and reliable, and the wind cable should not be tied to trees, electric poles and other objects.

6. Before disassembling the steel tower, the wind cable must be moved to the next section and then moved down section by section to prevent the loss of balance and collapse.

7, the installation and dismantling of steel tower to set up around the safety zone, within the scope of ten meters should be set up a fence (such as baffle safety net, etc.), non-relevant personnel are prohibited to enter, the sign should be obvious, prohibit up and down cross operation, because of work needs, must set up safety protection.

8. The raking rod pulleys for conveying steel tower materials should be firmly bound, the bridge tiebeam should have anti-skid measures, and the screws and small pieces should be loaded into the basket for loading and unloading. It is strictly forbidden to throw any material from the height to the ground.

9, hoist position according to rules, such as wire rope in the middle of the drum position, should be at right angles to the axis of drum line, set anchor pulley to separate, wire rope should pass inspection before installation, no damage may mount, and shall not be with derrick (cage) or other structure, in order to avoid scraping the broken wire rope (no connection), hoist grounding line or zero line.

10, the cage should have a safety device (anti-punching, stop layer safety device, anti-wire rope break device, etc.).

11. Erection or disassembly shall not be carried out at high altitude in case of four winds or above.

12. After installation, the bridge raking rod and other tools used during installation should be removed. For example, the top bridge tiebeam reserved for inspection should be firmly bound with #8 iron wire (it is better to put it on the ground).

13. There should be enough safety distance or measures for the adjacent high-voltage power lines to avoid electric shock accidents. (As stipulated by the ELECTRIC Power Bureau)

14, the size of the pulley used on the derrick (cage), before installation to be dismantled one by one inspection, the shaft and luo cake have no defects or wear over the limit, and add enough lubricating oil (butter) can be installed, to prevent the shaft broken and loss of oil. And to install a good communication on the cage.

15. Except for one side facing the building, the other three sides of the derrick (cage) must be covered with safety nets.

16. When the height of steel derrick (cage) is higher than the surrounding buildings, lightning protection devices must be installed.

17, if you want to work overtime to install and dismantle the derrick (cage) must be reported to the same level of approval, before installation and dismantling.

18. Safety protective doors should be set up at the mouth of steel derrick and the mouth of the cage, and there should be fences on three sides of the cage.

19. After completion of the derrick (cage), it shall be accepted by the first-level organization of the branch before it can be used.