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Safety technical regulations for scaffolding erection and dismantling

1, steel pipe grate column, should be placed on a solid foundation, column foot plus foot seat, with concrete block or solid thick wood block pad, (wood pad is not suitable for high-rise buildings) should be added to the anchor.

2, strong vertical steel tube row of the grid column Angle requirements, including the Angle of vertical error must not exceed 0.5%, other columns should not exceed 1%, eight buildings outside of gate pillar spacing shall not be greater than 2 m, pillar and needle between bamboo (high-rise building another set) the level of the longitudinal steel vertical spacing shoulds not be more than 1.8 meters, bamboo is not more than 0.7 meters, Taiwan uses bamboo as horizontal rod its tail diameter shall not be less than 9 centimeters, column and horizontal rod joint to stagger, and to use components to connect, tighten bolts, bearing longitudinal horizontal rod, must be supported on the bar, forbidden decayed brittle materials.

3, mat, both ends of the corner, and every 6 ~ 7 columns, should be equipped with bracing, the Angle of the earth and bracing should not be greater than 60 °, mat, and the structure of the link anchor points, vertical and horizontal every 4 meters with an anchor point, must be Rachel and building strong, civil building eight steps above (22.5 meters) outside the gate, adopts LaDiao structure, The safety net should be set up with the completion of the working layer (namely full pull), the horizontal network is set up every four layers, the first layer must be set up in accordance with the length of the channel level safety net.

4. The board on the bridge must be fully paved, without gaps and probe boards. It is appropriate to add foot guards, and all paving boards should be tied with wire. The slope of the feeding inclined bridge shall not be greater than 1:3, the width shall not be less than 1.5 meters, the upper slope shall not be greater than 1:2, the distance between the slip bars shall be 30 centimeters, but shall not be greater than 35 centimeters.

5, the steel pipe specifications should be unified as far as possible, different specifications of steel pipe should be piled up separately, the outer diameter of steel pipe should be φ 51 mm, wall thickness 3~4 mm. Pipe wall thickness is less than 3 mm steel pipe, should not do column and bar.

6, the outer grate must be kept above 1.2 meters above the working face, temporary channels and outside ramps and other places to install barriers.

7. After the completion of the construction of the outer exhaust grid, the construction person in charge and the quality safety officer can be used.

8. The operators who participate in the demolition of the grate must pass the physical examination before taking up their posts.

9, to participate in the demolition of the grate operator, must wear a helmet, tool bag. When working in dangerous places, safety belt must be worn. It is forbidden to wear slippers, bare feet, or hard soled shoes to work on the scaffolding, and it is forbidden to work after drinking.

10. Before removing the grate, check whether there are sundries, wires and water pipes and other temporary facilities on the bridge. They must be removed before removal.

11. The safety net attached to the grate should be removed gradually with the removal of the grate. The bridge board should be tilted outward to prevent debris from falling and breaking the glass.

12, tear open gate shall not remove the materials piled up on the bridge or platform overload, cut down the bolt into the tool bag, component to add tools within her, down to the steel pipe, bridge plate, bamboo with a rope to tie it, hanging with the stick, or with the human passed down, to stagger transfer personnel position at work, don't allow the same straight line operation, Short material, bridge board, components, bolts, etc., can be placed into the cage to fall down, stop loading to signal landing, it is strictly prohibited to throw materials from high ground.

13, demolition gate into the police cordon, to all kinds of access roads, junctions to be closed, and hang danger signs and send full-time personnel on duty. To participate in the demolition grid staff spirit to concentrate, strictly prohibit smoking, mutual supervision, mutual cooperation, to listen to the command of foreman and duty personnel.

14, the removal of the grate should be carried out in sequence, should be from the top down, not up and down at the same time. Before disassembly, disassembly plans and safety precautions shall be formulated jointly with the site manager, and submitted to the relevant department of the company for approval before implementation.

15, up and down cage: 1, it is strictly prohibited to take people up and down; 2. It is strictly forbidden to enter the frame; 3, the small cage is limited to 500 kg, the large cage is limited to 750 kg; 4. It is strictly forbidden to pass through the hanging cage.

16. Anything not specified in this chapter shall be subject to (80) National Safety and technical Operation Rules for Construction and installation Workers.