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Safety operating rules for ordinary workers (handyman)

1. Excavating earthwork, the spacing between two people should be kept at 2~3m, and it should be dug layer by layer from top to bottom. It is forbidden to use the operation method of digging holes, and drainage measures should be taken.

2, the excavation trench, foundation pit, etc., should be according to the soil quality and depth of the excavation slope, if necessary, set up solid wall support, excavated soil should be piled up in the ditch edge 1m, the height shall not exceed 1.5m.

3. Hoisting earthwork, ropes, pulleys, hooks and baskets should be in good condition and firm, and no one should be under them vertically when lifting.

4, the removal of fixed wall support should be carried out from bottom to top, fill a layer, and then remove a layer, not a top.

5, in the excavation of the foundation pit, well pit, if found can not identify the items, should immediately report to the superior treatment, is strictly prohibited to hit or play with. In the deep pit, deep well operation, should keep good ventilation, pay attention to the toxic gas inspection work, in case of suspicious phenomenon, should immediately stop the work, report to the superior treatment.

6, the use of frog, impact rammer, power cable must be intact. Wear insulation gloves and do not tamper with power cables. Ramming on slope or loose soil, not back traction rammer. When stopping use, pull the switch and cut off the power before it can be carried away.

7, with the trolley loading materials, should pay attention to smooth, grasp the center of gravity, not rushed and spread to slip away. The front handcart distance shall not be less than 2m on flat ground and shall not be less than 10m downhill.

8, from the brick stack to take the brick should be from the top and the bottom step to take, prohibit a yard demolition to the end, or in the following dig, the whole brick and half brick should be separate transmission.

9. The height of bricks on the scaffold shall not exceed three layers of side bricks.

10, the vehicle does not stop, prohibit up and down and loading and unloading materials, the loaded materials to pad and tie. Open the carriage board should stand on the side, no cargo mixed load.

11. Clean up the material on the floor, and pay attention to whether there is a reserved hole under the material. It is forbidden to move protective facilities without permission or taking corresponding measures.

12. Anything not specified in this chapter shall be subject to (80) National Safety and Technical Operation Rules for Construction and safety Workers.