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Safety and technical operation rules for concrete workers

1, the car to the hopper or pit, there should be blocking measures, not too hard and scattered.

2. When transporting with the derrick, the trolley handle shall not be extended out of the cage, and the wheels should be held back before and after, and rise and fall steadily.

3. The chute and tube joints used for pouring concrete must be firmly connected, and the operation part should have a protective bar, and it is not allowed to stand in the chute directly.

4, with conveying pump conveying concrete, pipe joint, safety valve must be intact, the pipe shelf must be firm, must be tested before delivery, maintenance must relieve pressure. When repairing the pipeline on the scaffold, safety precautions must be taken.

5, temporary erection of concrete work bridge, in order to allow two cars to pass and have room to prevail, generally not less than 1.5m, set up to firm, bridge plate joint to smooth. People and vehicles are strictly prohibited to walk on the rebar.

6, pouring frame, beam, column concrete, should be set up operation platform, not directly stand on the template or support operation. When the concrete of the large formwork is poured separately, temporary hanging paths or other safety measures may be built on the platform of the large formwork with two cross walls. Operators are forbidden to walk on the outer wall.

7. Pouring and ramming arch structure should be carried out symmetrically at the same time on both sides of the arch feet. Protective measures should be set up for pouring ring beam, awning and balcony.

8, the use of vibrator should wear rubber shoes, wet hands shall not contact the switch, the power line shall not have broken skin leakage, the connection power supply by electrician operation, vibration and prestressed concrete members, should prevent the shock of the vibrator prestressed steel bar.

9, prestressed grouting, should be carried out in strict accordance with the specified pressure, slurry pipeline should be smooth, valve connection should be tight and firm.

10. It is forbidden to walk on the concrete after the initial setting and before the final setting. When the concrete strength reaches 1.2MP, the material is allowed.

11. If it is not stipulated in this chapter, it shall be carried out in accordance with (80) National safety technical operation rules for construction and security personnel.