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Safety technical operation rules for reinforcement workers

1, steel, semi-finished products should be piled up neatly according to specifications and varieties, the production site should be flat, the workbench should be stable, and the lighting must be covered with a net.

2, straightening steel bar, the card head should be firmly stuck, the floor should be strong and firm, pedestrians are prohibited in the 2m area along the drawing plate. Workers grind straight, not with chest, belly contact push bar, and slowly loosen, not a release.

3, to expand the disc round steel bar to a firmly, to prevent rebound, cut off to step on first.

4, artificial breaking, the tool must be firm, palm and hammer to stand on the slope, pay attention to the people and objects in the area of throwing hammer. Cut short reinforcement less than 30cm, use pliers to clamp, forbid hand to help, and set a protective box covering the outside.

5, cold drawing winch to set up a protective baffle, no baffle, should be winch and cold machine direction into 90 degrees and the application of closed guide pulley. Stand behind the protective baffle during operation. No standing or passing is allowed in the cold drawing site.

6, cold drawing steel bar to a good fixture, after leaving the start signal. When sliding or other parts of the problem is found, it is necessary to stop first and relax the reinforcement before re-entering the operation.

7, cold drawing and tension reinforcement should be carried out in strict accordance with the specified stress and elongation. May not vary from time to time. No matter stretching or relaxing the steel bar should be slow and uniform. If the oil pump, jack and anchor card are abnormal, the tension should be stopped immediately.

8, tensile steel bar, both ends should be set up protective baffle. Rebar should be protected after tension, do not press heavy objects or walk on it. When pouring concrete, the vibrator should be prevented from striking the prestressed reinforcement.

9, jack foot must be aligned with the component, placed flat, measuring the stretching length, wedge and tightening bolts should stop stretching, and stand on both sides of the operation, to prevent reinforcement fracture, rebound wounding.

10, the same member with prestressed and non-prestressed steel bar, prestressed steel bar should be divided into two tensioning, the first time to 70~80% of the stress, to be non-prestressed steel bar binding, and then tensioning to the specified stress value.

11, electric tension line must be installed by electrician, wire connection points should be wrapped, not exposed, tension, voltage shall not exceed the specified value.

12. When the electric tension reaches the tension stress value, the power should be cut off first and then anchor. Wear insulating shoes and gloves for live operation. It is forbidden to stand at both ends of the steel bar during cooling.

13. When the cutting machine runs normally, it is allowed to break the material. When the cutting material is broken, the distance between the hand and the blade shall not be less than 15 cm.

14, cutting machine cutting steel bar is prohibited to exceed the mechanical load capacity. Cutting low alloy steel and other special steel, the application of high hardness blade.

15, mechanical cutting long steel bar should be held by special person, the operation of the action should be consistent, not arbitrary drag. Cut short steel bar must be clamped with casing or pliers, not directly feed by hand.

16, cut off the machine should be set up beside the feeding table, mechanical operation is strictly prohibited by hand to remove the short head and debris near the knife edge along the steel bar swing range and near the knife edge, non-operators shall not stay.

17. Sundries are not allowed on the steel straightening machine to prevent mechanical vibration from falling into the body. When rebar is loaded into the roller, the hand should keep a certain distance from the roller. The roller shall not be adjusted during mechanical operation. Do not wear gloves to operate. When rebar is adjusted to the end, personnel must move out of the way to avoid injury. Straightening of steel bars shorter than 2 meters or larger than 9 mm in diameter should be processed at low speed.

18, the use of steel bending machine bending steel bar, steel bar should be close to the baffle, pay attention to the insertion position and rotation direction, not start. Bending long steel bars, there should be a person to hold, and stand outside the bending direction, cooperate with each other, not drag. Turn around and bend to prevent collision, plug replacement, refueling and cleaning, must be stopped after.

19, cold drawing steel bar, first use the press head machine to press the steel bar head small, standing on the side of the roller operation, and the workbench should be kept 50 cm away from direct contact with the steel bar and roller. The end of the steel bar will pass through the cold drawing at the same time, should immediately step on the foot to separate the clutch, at the same time with a tool to press the end of the steel bar to prevent rebound. In the process of cold drawing steel bar, pay attention to the operation of the wire release frame, roller frame and roller. If any fault is found, it should be stopped for repair.

20, reinforcement welding machine should be placed in a dry place, balance firm, there should be a reliable grounding device, wire insulation is good, before welding, should be adjusted according to the steel section voltage, found welding head leakage, should be replaced, prohibited use, welding machine circuit breaker contact point, electric plate (copper head) to regularly check and repair. The cooling water steward shall keep the water flowing and shall not leak and exceed the specified temperature.

Many people transport steel bar, up, down, turn, stop action should be consistent. Artificial up and down transmission shall not be in the same vertical line, steel stacked to disperse, stable, to prevent dumping and collapse.

22, in high altitude, deep pit binding reinforcement and installation of pipe frame, scaffolding and bridle must be set up.

23, binding column, wall reinforcement, shall not stand on the steel frame and climbing skeleton, column reinforcement within 4m, the weight is not large, can be binding on the ground or floor, standing up as a whole, column plate above 4m, should set up a workbench. Column beam skeleton, the application of temporary support to pull firmly, to prevent dumping.

Binding foundation reinforcement, should be in accordance with the provisions of the construction design of reinforcement bracket or horse bench set up the upper reinforcement, shall not arbitrarily reduce the bracket and horse bench.

25, binding of high-rise building ring beam, cantilever, eaves, external walls, side column reinforcement, should be equipped with external hanger or safety net, hang the safety belt when binding.

Lifting the steel skeleton, no standing below. The skeleton must fall to within 1m from the ground before approaching, in place to support the hook.

27. Anything not specified in this chapter shall be subject to (80) National Safety and technical Operation Rules for Construction and safety workers.