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Safety production management system/regulations ii

Safety production education and training management system

1, in order to enhance the enterprise staff safety awareness and self-protection ability, improve safety quality, to ensure safe production, specially formulated this system.

2. This system is applicable to all personnel engaged in construction of the company and project.

3. The quality and security Department of the company is responsible for education and training management.

4. All employees of the company must attend regular or irregular production safety education and training.

(1) The legal representative of the enterprise and the person in charge of the project shall attend the safety training of the Ministry of Construction or the provincial or municipal government once a year, and the learning time shall not be less than 12 credit hours.

(2) Safety professional managers attend provincial and municipal safety training once a year. Study time is not less than 12 credit hours.

(3) Other management personnel and technical personnel attend provincial and municipal safety training once a year.

(4) Workers' safety knowledge and safety skills training should be conducted once a year.

(5) The academic records of the above personnel shall be recorded on the safety education and training card, and the qualified students can take up the post.

5. The pre-job training time for new workers shall not be less than 24 hours. New workers must pass three levels of safety education when entering the factory: company level 1, project level 2 and team level 3.

(1) The main contents of safety training and education at the company level are national production safety guidelines, policies, laws, regulations, norms, standards and enterprise rules and regulations.

(2) The second level of safety production education and training shall be carried out for the project, the main contents of which are: site system, site environment, engineering characteristics and existing unsafe factors, emergency handling measures, etc.

(3) The team and group shall conduct the third-level safety production education and training, the main contents of which are: the safe operation rules of the project, labor discipline, accident lessons, shift system, risk factors and emergency handling measures, etc.

(4) The above education and training assessment results shall be the prerequisite for employment.

6, change the type of workers to carry out safety education and training, the main content is to plan to the type of safe operation procedures, operating environment, labor discipline, skill training, the examination can be changed.

7, special operations personnel (electrician, welder, scaffolder, machine operating worker, the afternoon work, piling and motor vehicle drivers, tower crane driver and conductor, dual-use goods elevator and crane driver, to fire workers, demolition work and other work engaged in special operations) made of special type, still have to attend safety education training, once a year.

8. According to this system, the administrative Unit lists training plans every year, prepares training materials and teachers, and supervises their implementation.

9, all the education and training personnel examination unqualified should attend the second learning, if the second unqualified, will be transferred from the post or dismissed.

Safety production award and punishment system

In accordance with the Work Safety Law of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations on work safety, measures are taken to strengthen work safety, prevent serious and extra-large accidents and ensure the implementation of work safety in enterprises. To this end, the study decided to establish the following safety production reward and punishment system:

1, in labor protection, safety in production with one of the following conditions, are praised or rewarded.

(1) In the process of safe production, civilized production invention, innovation, transformation or rationalization proposals are adopted, to prevent the occurrence of safety production accidents, the annual safety productivity of 100% of the collective (section, team) or individuals.

(2) To achieve remarkable achievements in safe production and civilized production, including the implementation of national laws and regulations in the construction site, do a good job in safe production and construction management (sub-contract project management and safety technology disclosure). Prevent and avoid the occurrence of serious accidents or accidents in the rescue of the collective and individual meritorious.

(3) The project quality must meet the requirements of national excellent project acceptance code, civilized construction, safe production management, time limit and construction organization measures (plans), and the original materials must meet the relevant regulations of the company. The project is evaluated by provincial and municipal quality supervision departments as a group or individual of high quality project model project.

(4) to praise or reward the collective or individual, by the team application, department (room) director review report, by the company's production safety committee, discussion, review and award, by the company's safety award fund payment, insufficient part of the company's leadership research decision.

2. Anyone who violates any of the following conditions in labor protection and production safety shall be punished:

(1) Those who violate labor discipline, command and operate in violation of rules and regulations and still refuse to correct after criticism and education.

(2) If a production safety accident occurs, the person directly responsible for the accident and the relevant person with leadership responsibility.

(3) The project is assessed as unqualified in the safety inspection conducted by the government supervision department. Punish the project manager, project safety officer and related personnel.

(4) Damage or destroy safety protection facilities and equipment.

3, every year to work safety assessment, praise and reward work safety activists and advanced collective.

If the above regulations conflict with the laws and regulations of the state, province, city and region, the laws and regulations of the state, province, city and region shall be strictly implemented.

Viii. Construction site fire prevention system

In order to strengthen fire safety management and protect the property of national enterprises and the life safety of employees (including farmers' contract workers and migrant workers), this system is formulated according to the fire Control Law of the People's Republic of China, Provisions on Fire Control Management and Punishment of Guangdong Province and other fire control laws and regulations, combined with the actual situation of our company.

1, fire safety management, the implementation of the responsible person system, adhere to the principle of "who is in charge, who is responsible for", the fire safety and business responsibility system, post responsibility system closely combined, the strict implementation of rewards and punishment.

2. Each functional department and project department shall be the first responsible person for fire safety, and appoint an administrative deputy as the direct responsible person for fire safety. Construction sites and key fire prevention positions should also be designated fire prevention responsibility person, fire prevention responsibility person transferred to supplement, report. The person in charge of the civil workers' team and the lessee of the leased place shall be the person responsible for fire prevention of the civil workers' team or the leased place.

3, every year to combine the implementation of internal security comprehensive management target responsibility system, layer by layer decomposition of fire safety objectives, sign responsibility book. To do a good job of key fire prevention targets, migrant workers dormitories and rental places fire prevention work, the implementation of responsibility system, improve fire prevention measures, organize regular or irregular fire inspection, find hidden dangers, timely rectification to promote the implementation of fire prevention work.

4, through various forms of regular fire safety knowledge education.

5, each unit (including the project department) according to 15% of the number of employees of the unit to establish a volunteer fire brigade (group), the list should be reported. Members of voluntary fire brigades shall master fire prevention and fire fighting knowledge and the use of fire fighting equipment, and master fire escape skills.

6. Fire prevention knowledge education shall be carried out at the same time as safety education for newly recruited employees.

7, regularly carry out fire safety inspection, carefully fill in the fire safety inspection registration form, the inspection re found fire hazards, to timely rectification.

8, according to the provisions of the configuration of fire facilities and equipment, fire equipment should be placed in the convenient location, no stacking debris around, no one shall damage the fire facilities and equipment, shall not be diverted for its use. Regular inspection and maintenance of fire facilities and equipment, filling in records to file.

9, the temporary construction of the shed should be in accordance with the relevant regulations of the public security fire department, after the application and approval can be set up, the approval of the copy of the permit hanging in the field office.

10, each building facilities (including rental places and temporary construction), electricity lines and electrical installation, must meet the relevant electricity safety requirements, operated by a licensed electrician.

11. Warehouses storing inflammable and explosive goods shall apply for examination and approval in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of public security and fire control organs, obey the inspection of higher management organs, and implement the rectification opinions put forward.

12, fire prevention key parts need to be temporarily welding, fire, and other operations, according to different levels of prior approval before fire operation, and in accordance with the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau "Temporary Provisions on The Approval of Temporary Fire prevention Key parts" to implement fire prevention measures.

13, according to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, equipped with elimination facilities or equipment, and regular inspection, maintenance, record and file, accept the inspection and supervision of superior departments.

14, combined with the specific situation of daily fire safety management work and the assessment of the comprehensive management responsibility target fire index every year, the combination of outstanding achievements in fire prevention work praise or reward.

15. Any unit or individual that violates this system shall be given economic punishment according to relevant provisions. If the circumstances are especially serious, the relevant departments shall investigate party discipline, government discipline and criminal responsibility.