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Safety production management system/regulation iii

Safety activity system before shift

In order to implement the safety policy and requirements of "safety first, prevention first", "safety for production, production must be safe", to timely find hidden dangers, eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure the normal operation of construction (production), the construction team pre-shift safety activity system is established.

1, the construction team leader, according to the construction day (or stage) work content, to all workers in the group to make safe operation.

(1) Safety self-check must be carried out before work.

(2) is the working environment and working face safe? Is the protective equipment safe? If the safety hidden danger is found, it must be rectified and eliminated, and reported to the safety officer and construction worker, to be recorded.

(3) Personal protective equipment must be equipped according to the work needs. Workers working at height must wear safety helmet and safety belt, and slippers and hard-soled shoes are prohibited to work.

(4) Do not drink, sick to work, if there is, must be replaced.

2. Each team and group shall carry out safety mutual inspection, so as to supervise each other and jointly observe rules and regulations, especially for the occasion of cross-operation of the team and group, more attention should be paid to it.

3, safety handover inspection system: after the last process is finished, before handing over to the next process, the site responsible person should organize the construction staff, quality assurance staff, team leader and other relevant personnel to participate in the safety inspection or acceptance, confirm no error or qualified, before handing over to the next process.

4. Team safety activities must be recorded as required.

Temporary fire safety provisions

1. Temporary fire must be filled in the application form for temporary fire work in key parts by the fire person (welder), and then submitted to the project leader for approval before the temporary fire work permit is issued.

2, approved by the fire of important departments, before fire to do "eight no", fire to do "four to" after fire to do "one clear".

Do the "eight no" before the fire:

(1) Fire prevention and fire extinguishing measures are not implemented.

(2) The surrounding flammable sundries are not removed and do not fire.

(3) Flammable structures that are difficult to move nearby will not ignite without taking safety precautions.

(4) Containers and pipes containing inflammable liquids such as oil will not be ignited until they are cleaned and the remaining oil is removed.

(5) Containers and pipes that contain gas and are in danger of explosion when heated and expanded shall not ignite.

(6) Workshops, warehouses and places storing inflammable and explosive articles shall not ignite without eliminating inflammable and explosive dangers.

(7) When welding or cutting at high altitude, the combustible items below are not cleaned or protective measures are not taken.

(8) Fire shall not be ignited without corresponding fire extinguishing equipment.

In the fire to do the "four" :

(1) In the fire to designate the site safety person in charge.

(2) Site safety and fire personnel must often pay attention to the fire situation, found unsafe signs, to immediately stop fire.

(3) In case of fire and explosion, timely rescue should be carried out.

(4) Fire personnel should strictly implement the safety operation rules.

After fire to do "a clear" : that is, fire personnel and site safety responsible person after fire, should thoroughly clean the site fire before leaving the site.

3. Report to the responsible department of the project and return the Temporary Permit for Hot Work after the completion of hot work.

Safety provisions for pit and groove operation in pipeline construction

In order to ensure the smooth completion of pipeline construction tasks, prevent various accidents and ensure the safety and health of workers, these provisions are formulated.

1, the construction plan must be formulated before the construction of the project, the technical person in charge of the detailed safety disclosure to the operator, explain the underground obstacles, dangerous factors, clear operation methods and safety measures.

2. When manually digging trenches, it is strictly prohibited to operate face to face, and the interval between personnel shall not be less than 2m. One side must be excavated at a safe distance.

3, mechanical excavation, before the construction of the site by the person in charge of the mechanical operator according to the drawings of the site, pointed out the distribution of underground obstacles, the key parts of the application of gray mark. If the obstacle position is not indicated, it should be tested manually in advance. Operators should comply with the site safety rules and regulations, follow the command of the site commander.

4. There should be special personnel under the command of the crane. The commander must check the operating environment and make a safety statement to the operator (pit depth, soil quality, obstacles). The commander should concentrate on the pipe lowering, and the crane driver and the trough staff must cooperate and obey the command.

5. All personnel on the construction site shall wear safety hats. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the lifting pipe and the lifting arm.

6. Hoisting operation under high pressure line is strictly prohibited. When working on the high voltage line side, keep a necessary safe distance from the high voltage line. The safe distance on foggy days should be properly enlarged according to the table below.

Line voltage 1 kv following





Minimum allowable M







7, in the road (including roads, town roads, streets, lanes and public places, public parking lots and other places for vehicles, pedestrians) dug trenches, along the line should be equipped with reflective marking protection facilities, (the facilities must be set up with solid steel pipes or other metal materials, bamboo or wood shall not be used as erection materials), Pit slot at both ends to be reflective dangerous card (to a certain schedule, schedule must seek permission from the traffic administrative department) and point put a red light, and always put people responsible for patrolling, not less than once per hour, to strengthen the management of PM to put a red light, DiGaoDian put red light workers sense of responsibility, each the head of the section chief and head to the construction site must strengthen inspection, See to it that this work is done.

8, the placement of construction machinery and tools and materials should meet the requirements of civilized operation. At night, the machinery and tools and materials should be evacuated from the scene to a safe and reliable place to park. All construction machinery and tools and materials placed in public places should have guardrail, reflective warning signs and red lights.

9, to strengthen the inspection of the valve platform, manhole cover system, found problems, to be replaced and handled in time, such as failure to replace or handle in time must be covered with steel plate, set reflective guardrail and warning signs, hanging red lights.

10, emergency repair of the leak of water pipe excavation taipaang can not be backfilled in time to set reflective guardrail, warning signs and hung red light.

11, all road excavation pipeline engineering to as far as possible to dig holes, pipe, backfill continuous operation, traffic complex lot to take a quick way to work, speed up the construction progress, reduce unsafe factors. Construction workers should wear reflective clothing to avoid being hit by traffic.

12, after the completion of the project pipe pit backfilling to ensure the quality, and timely report to the municipal management department to repair the road.

13, each class at the construction site should set up full-time safety personnel, responsible for patrol. Maintain the traffic safety in the construction area, and maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the construction safety facilities. When the project cannot work continuously for some reason, traffic personnel should be set up in the safe and key parts. The site must be inspected before resuming work.

14, welder welding operation, before the construction must check tools, electrical appliances to ensure safety and reliability; Deep pit welding joints must be supported; Operation must be operated by one person and supervised by one person.

15. New temporary power or lighting wires erected along the construction line must be erected at the specified height. The switch box shall not be exposed to electricity running phenomenon.

16, do a good job of civilized construction, pile up the engineering soil and residual soil should be orderly, pay attention to timely removal and cleaning, engineering wastewater shall not be randomly discharged on the road. After the completion of the project, to achieve "finished material net site clean".

17. Safety construction measures should be formulated for key parts such as pipe jacking and crossing the river, and corresponding construction safety measures should be taken in winter and summer.

18. Piling operations should be directed by special personnel, and no one should stand under the hanging hammer. When the pile frame is moved and the operation is stopped, the hammer should be unloaded in the lowest position.

19, earthworks must be based on geological, hydrological data and construction requirements, set up a solid wall support or safety slope, pit stacked at a distance of at least 0.8m, height shall not exceed 1.5m; It is strictly forbidden to dig out the bottom foot.

20. When there is a large vibration or heavy rain near the trench, the reliability of the trench wall and support should be carefully checked before the operation of the trench.

21. When the groove depth exceeds 2.5m, upper and lower ladders should be set every 50m to facilitate the work and prevent accidents. No support wood or chute should be used for upper and lower grooves.

22. After the rain or when the water in the tank needs to be removed, the pumping equipment in the drainage well should strictly keep good insulation, and it is strictly prohibited to cause electric shock or injury to the operator due to the electing of the pumping equipment.

23. In case of any conflict between these provisions and the provisions of the superior, the provisions of the superior shall be followed.


Xii. Electrical safety technology management system

1. For temporary line erection and electrical equipment use of construction site, "Technical Specification for Temporary Power Use in Construction Site" (JGJ46-2005) shall be strictly implemented, and "one machine, one gate, one leak, one box" shall be implemented for electrical equipment.

2, for some electrical equipment (such as power distribution room, generator room, etc.) should establish a special management responsibility system. Temporary lines, temporary equipment (such as workshop lines, site electrical equipment, etc.) and other electrical equipment that are prone to accidents, should implement the management responsibility system of special personnel.

3, the establishment and improvement of electrical equipment technical data management work (can be the same as mechanical equipment technical data archived) electrical equipment accident and personal shock accident records should also be kept as data, all the technical data of newly purchased electrical equipment should be returned to the construction management department for preservation, numbering management, for future reference.

4, each unit due to production needs to purchase new supplementary electrical equipment and newly installed electrical engineering, the construction management department to carry out technical appraisal and acceptance, qualified before putting into use.

5, the overhaul of electrical equipment should be prepared by each unit according to the provisions of the relevant regulations overhaul content and repair standards, submitted to the construction management department for approval. After overhaul, the electrical equipment should basically reach the performance of the new electrical equipment. After the overhaul must pass the technical appraisal and acceptance, can be put into use.

6, the use of electrical equipment in general production workers in addition to the general knowledge of safe electricity, but also should understand its safety regulations; For full-time electricians, it is required to understand the installation, use, maintenance and maintenance of electrical equipment in the safety and technical requirements, should be familiar with the electrician safe operation procedures, learn to extinguish electric fire method, master the skills of electric shock first aid, regular necessary training and examination.

7, electrical equipment to do seasonal inspection and preventive inspection work. For electrical equipment in use, the insulation resistance should be measured regularly; For all kinds of grounding devices, the grounding resistance should be measured regularly; For safety appliances, lightning arrester, transformer oil and a few other protection appliances, also should be checked and tested regularly, strictly prohibit the use of safety performance unqualified electrical equipment.

8, electrical equipment and lines must be equipped with fusible fuse or automatic switch. And the correct selection of qualified fuse, is strictly prohibited to replace with other metal wire. Electric equipment using mains power should be equipped with leakage switches.

9. The metal shell of electrical equipment must be protected by grounding or zero protection according to the technical conditions.

10, electrical equipment and line insulation must be good, equipment exposed live part (such as generator, welding machine wiring pile head, etc.) must be set up protective cover or protective device.

11, workshop electricity and temporary construction of power lines by full-time electrician erection is strictly prohibited in the site and workshop internal unrest pull disorderly wiring. The workshop is forbidden to use electric furnace, not allowed to hang clothes in the wire, do not wind the wire on the wire, in order to prevent leakage caused by electric shock.

12, each electric welding and construction power point, there must be a full-time electrician responsible for and do a good job of safe electricity work regularly check the safety performance of electrical equipment site site, do a good job of welding and construction electricity monitoring work, to ensure that the relevant personnel correctly use insulating shoes, insulating gloves and other safety protective equipment and operate according to the provisions.

13, the construction site electrical equipment should be installed grounding wire. The welding machine should have arc breaking device. Electric appliances using mains should be equipped with leakage switches.

14, the construction site electrical equipment needs to have rain proof device, electric box to have a door, lock, prevent equipment from damp leakage accidents.

15. In the high-pressure line construction, there will be the danger of electric shock at any time, which should be avoided or kept away from as far as possible.

16. The following safety distance must be observed when using the crane under the high pressure line:

Transmission line voltage




Permissible safe distance from power line (m) crane









17. When the crane is operating at a distance less than the safety distance mentioned above, effective safety measures must be adopted. It shall be reported to the Quality and safety Department and the power supply department three days before construction, and the construction can only be carried out with the consent of the construction department. Construction, the whole process should be directed and electrician supervision.

18, such as the construction of broken high voltage line, to take effective measures to ensure that people away from the wire location 8 meters; In case of high voltage electric shock accident, before the electric shock away from the power supply, rescuers should not approach, should be handled by electrician with high voltage insulation tools, and protect and record the scene; The crane driver shall not leave the cab when the high-voltage line is live, in case of electric shock; The construction unit should try to inform the power supply department for emergency repair.

19, if someone is found to be low voltage electric shock, should cut off the power supply as soon as possible or use dry board, dry stick, dry bamboo and other insulating material to pick up the wire, so that the electric shock from the power supply, and then immediately implement artificial respiration, rushed to the hospital for first aid.

20, if found due to electrical fault and leakage fire, to immediately open the power switch, before not cut off the power switch, can not use water or foam fire extinguishers.


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