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The provincial government issued a circular to strengthen salary protection and crack down on malicious wage evasion

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On December 30, the provincial government issued a notice urging local authorities to step up efforts to ensure that migrant workers' wages are not in arrears before the Spring Festival, that mass incidents caused by unpaid wages are handled in a timely and steady manner, and that labor relations in the province are harmonious and stable.

The notice pointed out that, affected by the international economic situation, the pressure on the operation of enterprises in our province has increased recently, and a few enterprises have stopped production, closed down, and defaulted on wages. Provincial party committee, provincial government attaches great importance to this, the main leaders made important instructions, requiring serious and proper handling, earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of workers, to ensure that the masses have a happy and peaceful New Year's day, Spring Festival. The Notice requires:

It is necessary to establish long-term salary guarantee mechanism and construct harmonious labor relations. We will carry out the activities of building demonstration zones for harmonious labor relations, vigorously promote the establishment of collective consultation mechanisms focusing on collective wage negotiation, guide labor and capital to resolve issues such as the distribution of wages in enterprises through consultation, and establish mechanisms for joint decision on wages of enterprise employees and for regular wage increases. We will accelerate the construction of two networks for labor security supervision, strengthen labor security supervision at the grassroots level, get a comprehensive picture of employers' employment conditions, and realize dynamic monitoring of their wage payment behavior. All functional departments should further improve the coordination mechanism, perfect the construction industry wages allowance system, major violations of labor security public system, illegal information sharing system, back pay guaranty enterprise "blacklist" management system, combine take temporary solution and effect a permanent cure, from the source to prevent and reduce the occurrence of violations of labor security.

Law enforcement should be strengthened to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers. In well recently province migrant wages payment of relevant departments of the organization to carry out special inspection work, based on the country should further intensify the supervision and inspection, the default employee wages, especially the illegal behavior of migrant wages, human resources and social security, housing and urban and rural construction, public security departments should cooperate closely, to take effective measures to crack down, to find, Investigate together, solve together. The human resources and social security department shall transfer the cases of refusing to pay labor remuneration in accordance with the provisions of the Amendment (VIII) of the Criminal Law to the public security organs in time according to law, which shall verify and investigate the cases as soon as possible in accordance with the law, so as to form a strong deterrent force against unpaid wages and effectively protect the rights and interests of workers' wages and remuneration. Relevant typical cases should be publicly exposed to strengthen the warning and education role of case investigation.

Publicity efforts should be intensified to guide enterprises to consciously abide by the law and employees to rationally protect their rights. Make full use of news media, the Internet, the hotline and other carrier, vigorously promote the "labor contract law", the "regulations on wage payment" and other laws and regulations, and "criminal law amendment (eight)" provisions of the crime of refusing to pay labor remuneration, guide the enterprise to perform its obligations, consciously strengthen the humanistic care, establish and improve the employees' aspirations and the internal mediation mechanism, Disputes should be resolved through consultation on an equal footing, and wages for workers should be appropriately raised. We will guide workers to voice their demands in accordance with the law and safeguard their rights and interests in a lawful, peaceful and rational way.

We need to keep the channels for reporting and complaining unblocked and strengthen the investigation of potential disputes. We will further expand channels for workers to report complaints and petition, and strengthen window services and 12333 hotline services to make it easier for workers to report their complaints in a timely manner. We will focus on labor-intensive enterprises and construction industries, as well as serious problems such as unpaid wages. Enterprises found to have difficulties in production and operation or potential problems of wage arrears should be monitored and promptly intervened. Complaints and reports involving unpaid wages should be registered by special personnel, promptly investigated and responded to in a timely manner.

A green channel should be opened to expedite the handling of labor dispute cases. The mediation of labor dispute cases, especially those in arrears of wages owed to migrant workers, has been intensified, and a green channel has been opened up and improved for labor dispute arbitration. In accordance with the principle of "expediting, expediting, expediting, and expediting settlement", cases involving wages of migrant workers involving more than 1,000 yuan per capita have been supervised by the principal persons in the arbitration committees. We will strive to resolve collective wage dispute cases involving more than 10 migrant workers within seven days, and ensure that cases of arrears of wages that have been registered are basically concluded before the Spring Festival.