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Forwarding the Notice on organizing and carrying out the Provincial Construction Safety Inspection before the National Day (Yuejian Quality Han (2011) No. 609)

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Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureaus (committees) above the local level, Land and Urban Construction and Water Conservancy Bureau of Shunde District, Foshan City, all relevant units:

For the implementation of the relevant provincial party committee and government, the leadership of instructions spirit, according to the work requirements of the entire province safety in production work video conference, well before the National Day in 2011 the province building municipal engineering construction safety work, let the people enjoy peace and peaceful holiday, my department decided to from now on until September 30 in the province to carry out the construction safety inspection before National Day, The relevant work requirements are hereby notified as follows:

First, the purpose of inspection

Since The beginning of August, there have been a number of construction safety accidents in our province, two of which are major accidents. The construction safety situation in our province is very severe. In view of the construction in our province has entered the peak, this period is prone to loosening due to drive the progress of the production safety management and other issues, to fully aware of this period around the characteristics of construction safety, in the grasp of production at the same time more to strengthen safety management, the purpose of the review, the main is to check and supervise the building construction, project supervision enterprises strengthen the management of production safety, Check safety risks in time, implement safety measures and holiday duty system to ensure construction safety during the National Day.

Two, check the content

(1) The municipal, county (city, district) urban and rural housing administrative departments at all levels arranged the local construction safety work inspection and spot check before the National Day in 2011.

(2) the construction enterprise and project supervision enterprises to carry out the construction project of construction safety hidden danger of self-check, guard against all kinds of safety measures to carry out the situation, especially, high modulus, underground concealed excavation of deep foundation pit, the greater danger of high walls scaffolding engineering and construction hoisting machinery installation and use of relevant links such as the safety measures to carry out the situation, inspect content including:

1. Compilation and review of special schemes, expert argumentation, technical disclosure, organization and implementation and acceptance of all kinds of dangerous partial and sub-project projects;

2, jack-up construction hoisting machinery, remove the link of the work related content, including the presence of jack-up, remove contract, the contract is clear content, strong responsibility, responsible for the operation team if there is a hoisting machinery installation professional contracting qualification, issued by the provincial housing department in charge of urban and rural construction of the people who do the special operation certificate, Whether to carry out technical disclosure in accordance with the construction plan and the requirements of the operation manual of construction lifting machinery before operation, whether to carry out daily maintenance of the construction lifting machinery in accordance with the requirements of the operation manual;

3. The investigation, registration and rectification of potential safety hazards by construction and project supervision enterprises, and the implementation of safety guarantee measures for construction during festivals;

4. Emergency rescue drill organized by construction enterprises.

(3) The on-duty arrangement of work safety during the National Day, including the on-duty arrangement of leaders and relevant personnel of housing and urban and rural construction departments at all levels, construction safety supervision stations, and the formulation of measures for reporting work safety information.

Iii. Organization and implementation

(I) The period of self-examination and self-rectification is from September 16 to September 20. The competent departments of housing and urban and rural construction at all levels shall assign construction and supervision enterprises within their jurisdiction to conduct self-examination and self-correction of all projects contracted or supervised, organize and carry out investigations of potential safety hazards, find out problems, propose rectification measures, rectify in time, plug up loopholes and ensure construction safety. All construction and supervision enterprises must submit the self-examination and self-correction to the local housing and urban construction authorities before September 20.

2. The inspection period of housing and urban and rural construction authorities at all levels is from September 19 to September 25. The competent departments of urban and rural construction of listed housing at the local level shall organize spot checks on the construction safety conditions of construction projects within the jurisdiction.

(III) Provincial inspection stage: During the inspection period, our office will organize inspection teams to conduct inspection in eastern Guangdong (entrusted to the general Station of Provincial Quality and Safety Supervision). The inspection work is arranged as follows:

1. Supervision shall be carried out in the form of listening to reports, consulting relevant data, spot checking of construction projects under construction and feedback.

2. No less than 3 projects under construction shall be randomly checked by listing at each prefecture level.

3, inspection at the end of each regional to public supervision, supervision to found the problem to the client area housing department in charge of urban and rural construction and the relevant units feedback, local housing department in charge of urban and rural construction to supervise and urge the relevant units to solve the problems seriously, the existence of significant security hidden danger to rectification shall be ordered to shutdown of the project, the personnel supervisor, tracking the implementation of, Ensure that safety risks are eliminated in a timely manner.

(4) Please report to the engineering quality and safety Supervision Department of our office before September 27 and in the form of electronic documents.

Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

September 15, 2011