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Chinese New Year 2009 letter of sympathy

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Branches, project department, partners, customers and all employees of the company:

On the occasion of the upcoming 2009 Spring Festival, we would like to extend to you on behalf of the company's festive greetings and cordial sympathy!

The year 2008 has been an extraordinary year. It was not only hit by freezing temperatures, snow and ice storms, the devastating wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province, but also the great event of successfully hosting two Olympic Games and launching shenzhou Vii. Although the financial tsunami has a certain impact on the company's business performance, but the company's management is still developing steadily, especially in the "hardware" construction, the company has successfully increased the construction curtain wall engineering design and construction integration of grade I qualification. All these are inseparable from your support and efforts, here to express our heartfelt thanks!

In 2009, the company will face severe economic situation at home and abroad, but under the leadership of the Party and the state, as well as the support of Guanghong Company, we will work harder to meet the challenges, strengthen management, expand the market, and have the confidence to successfully complete the business tasks assigned by the superior.

I wish all comrades good health, smooth work, a happy family and a happy New Year!

Guangdong Overseas Chinese Building decoration Company

January 21, 2009