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The company carries out the study and practice of the scientific development concept activity briefing the first phase

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Guangdong province has studied and practiced the scientific Development concept in depth

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Overseas Chinese architectural decoration company in-depth study and practice

Scientific Outlook on Development activity Leading Group office April 1, 2009

We should explore new ideas, plan development, seize opportunities and focus on practical results

Overseas Chinese decoration company in-depth study and practice activities to ensure the completion of the annual responsibility of the target

Provincial overseas Chinese building decoration company in the learning practice, according to the wide, the deployment of the company and requirements, combining the reality of the company, insist on learning practice and innovation, and careful study, earnestly implement the "scientific development", to ensure that this year completed widely hongyi company goals and tasks of economic responsibility for the whole year to lay a solid foundation.

Unified understanding, active and extensive participation. Company attaches great importance to the party branch of learning practice, set up learning practice leading group and office, making learning practice "implementation plan", held a mobilization meeting by all the staff to participate in, the company general manager, party branch secretary Deng Wenzhong issued a pep talk at the meeting, put forward the unified understanding, firmly grasp the study direction, highlight the practical work requirements, etc.

Hong Zerong, group leader, Yao Suping and Chen Jingyuan of the second group of the learning and activity guidance inspection group of Guanghong Company attended the meeting. Group leader Hong Zerong affirmed the company's learning activities, and proposed a unified understanding, enhance the initiative of learning and practicing the scientific concept of development; Centering on the overall requirements and principles of learning and practicing the scientific outlook on Development, we should grasp the correct direction of learning. Highlight practical characteristics, efforts to promote the current work and other opinions. Members of the company's leadership also made a speech and discussion on the learning experience and experience.

Through the mobilization of the conference, the whole company cadres and workers unified understanding, actively participate in the study and practice of scientific development activities.

Do in-depth research to find the crux of the problem. The leading team of the company takes "three studies and three implementation" as the carrier, centering on completing the task indexes and development goals issued by Guanghong Company this year, and grasping the key issues affecting the scientific development of the company to conduct in-depth research. On March 30th, led by the company's leaders, a working symposium was held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province for each branch company (project department) in North China. Combined with the outstanding problems existing in the process of production and operation of the company, seriously analyze the main crux of the problem; Listen to the opinions and suggestions of the person in charge of the branch company (project Department), enhance the understanding of the company's coordinated and sustainable development, and further study how to emancipate the mind, subdivide the target and pay close attention to the implementation of the problem.

Clear thinking, looking for positioning for development. In the current severe complex economic situation, combined with countries an opportunity to strengthen the construction of infrastructure and the reform of the pearl river delta region development plan outline, use of curtain wall engineering design and construction company level and the advantages of steel structure construction 2 class aptitude, changing management idea, expand the approaches of management and in accordance with the broad kazuhiro company further carry forward the "guangdong, wide development," strategic, While doing a good job in the province's projects, efforts to expand foreign business, establish a brand image, break a new road. At the same time, on the basis of doing a good job in the decoration of the main business, the focus of the transfer to the building curtain wall and steel structure engineering planning, for the company's scientific development clear ideas, find the right direction.

Responsible for division of labor, vigorously implement. The emphasis on practice and effectiveness throughout the whole process of learning practice activities, the existing key project department for division of labor management, the construction of the project, progress, quality, safety, etc., by specially-assigned tracking management, clear responsible person, full-time grasp implementation. Report project progress to company leaders every month, and make concerted efforts to promote implementation. The company has made concerted efforts to study and practice activities as the carrier, really do a good job in the ideological preparation and work preparation to fight hard battles and overcome difficulties, formulate effective measures, actively respond to the crisis, timely defuse risks, and make unremitting efforts to complete the annual economic responsibility target task issued by Guanghong Company.