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Hotel decoration design how clever use of lighting?

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Lighting is indispensable for any place, so how to enhance the artistic sense of space through lighting in the hotel decoration design? In the design process of the hotel, designers are very focused on the design of natural lighting and lighting, not only is an important factor to highlight the appearance of the hotel, but also the key to create the atmosphere of the hotel. In addition, the existence of lighting has great significance and influence on the construction of hotel space plastic arts sense. So how to use light to enhance the hotel's sense of space art? Chinese decoration designers summed up the following points for your reference:

First: the impact of hotel lighting design on spatial layout

Space lighting layout is the premise of creating a harmonious space. In the process of space lighting layout design, designers generally pay attention to the use of partition to divide the functional area of space, and create a harmonious environment with artistic conception and beauty. And the light is one of nowadays common break up space means, those who apply the light and shade of the light and the tonal effect of light and shadow break up a space, make whole space gives a person a kind of be like to lie between not lie between dream beauty.

Second: the influence of hotel lighting design on space appeal

The intensity, tone and projection of lighting light affect the appeal of the space, such as bright lighting space will make people feel bigger, and dim space makes people feel smaller, at the same time the virtual and real light design can also increase the sense of hierarchy of the space, so as to affect the feeling of the space to people.

Third: the impact of hotel lighting design on indoor atmosphere

Lighting atmosphere is an important condition for hotels to win customers nowadays. There are many ways to create indoor lighting atmosphere in hotels, but light is the core and key, because light is the medium of people's perception.

For example, moderate and cheerful light makes the space soft and quiet, while colorful lighting (colorful lights, neon lights) can make the hotel atmosphere more active, more vivid, more festive atmosphere.

Good hotel decoration design can bring more customers for the hotel, to make the customer even after the short-term living here will still had a deep impression, it also to reach the purpose of the hotel operators, there are many questions about hotel design need us to fastidious, Henderson in adornment is summarized one by one to share with you.