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Five major wind directions and future development trends of home furnishing industry in 2022

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The 2021 Guangzhou Design Week has just come to a close. As the first large-scale B2B exhibition with the theme of "Design + material selection" in China, and one of the few industry exhibitions that can be held as scheduled under the epidemic, Guangzhou Design Week has become an important window for us to gain insight into the current situation and future development trend of the industry. Home Micro watch reporter after in-depth shopping exhibition, summed up the 2022 home industry five wind direction:

1. The transformation and upgrading of HAIDIAN District is continuing

Throughout the high order market, the major brands have entered the game, so that the high order industry opens the white-hot competition, but if you want to go further in the future, it is bound to have enough to match the high order market supply chain, design power, brand power and so on. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of high definition is still continuing. In this guangzhou Design Week, we are pleased to see the continued strength of the haute couture market.

As a high-end customized home furnishing brand under Dinggu Jichuang, the whole home furnishing system including kitchen, bedroom and living area is displayed in Latop Na Pu Exhibition hall. Focusing on the theme of "pure everything is also possible", the combination of "pursuit of functional diversity" and "minimalism" is realized. At this point, "Latop sodium park" and "Dinggu whole house customization", "Dinggu set create doors and Windows", "Dinggu scale high-end assembly", "Dinggu security intelligent lock", "Dinggu Project" has formed a prototype of your brand matrix, the long-distance running capacity of the high brand is increasing.

Outside the wood in wood that gets close attention recently, this with "the oasis in desert" it is a theme, showed to include sitting room, wei yu, cloakroom, bedchamber to wait for a lot of scene, every scene used a lot of wallboard, through substantial metope build the dimensional feeling that gives gao decide, showed gao of household and craft supplement each other.

And the brands VIFA, Chief Residence, VIFA, NACOOC Nacu, RARA, M77, Bologna, Guolan, Li Mi, FU Home furnishing, Radini, Feti, Wogan, Wei Yi, etc., have also released the new high-end home furnishing system with great concentration of research and development for a year, focusing on showing the custom design trend of China's high-end residence in the next 2-3 years: High appearance level, multi-function, high quality, minimalist design, exquisite technology, exquisite materials......

2, "zero carbon" life, or open the home furnishing industry new situation

At this year's two sessions, "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" were included in the government work report for the first time. Under the background of the "double carbon" goal, all domestic enterprises should hand over a "low carbon sustainable development" in the future. Among them, for high energy consumption, high emission household industry, real estate industry, this is a challenging test paper.

Building materials accounted for 51.5 percent of China's carbon emissions in 2018, according to data in the China Building Energy Research Report (2020). Therefore, "zero carbon" building technology and upgrading of existing buildings will become the focus of the implementation of the "dual carbon" goal in the future.

In this year's Guangzhou Design Week, we can see that the combination of "double carbon", environmental protection as the theme of exhibitors everywhere. For example: The exhibition hall of Dongpeng Group. With the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection, they created a green ecological art pavilion with the theme of "time cycle". At the same time, Dongpeng also showed their innovative green new materials, as well as the exclusive graphene warm rock board.

In addition, as the leading brand of Chinese panel, Daya wood-based panel and degree one balance designers, together landed a suspended puzzle maze pavilion. According to daya wood-based panel staff, the maze uses Daya fiberboard, and each color represents a different meaning. Among them, the wood-colored plate is Daya E0 grade high-gloss substrate; The red plate is flame-retardant fibreboard; Black plate is high moistureproof aggrandizement floor base material.

Similarly, in the Tucson exhibition hall, a live show of smart and green living was directly built to speak for the "sustainable development" of home space.

Additional, the reporter is in stroll in exhibition, still discovered the product that a lot of enterprises that defend bath begin to roll out to use relatively environmental protection glass pledges pledges. For example: The Amber series in The Phil exhibition hall, its cabinet surface is made of glass; Dongguan bathroom brand VOV's Vera series bathroom cabinets also use environmentally friendly mirrors; In terms of materials, Ahlstrom, the first company in the world to apply non-woven materials to wallpaper, is showing their new environmentally friendly 3D wallpaper products.

Under the national strategy of double carbon emission reduction, the home furnishing industry has carried out active exploration. Through new materials, new processes and green sustainable design, the sustainable development of human settlements and positive consumption guidance have been realized, bringing a lot of thinking and reference to the industry. In the future, below double carbon trend, the function of home, the form still will produce what kind of change? Let's wait and see.

The "three New" trend is sweeping across strongly

The advent of the stock era, the advent of innovation in the home furnishing industry and the rise of cultural confidence have jointly promoted structural changes in the home furnishing industry chain and consumer market. In this exhibition, the reporter also felt a "three new" trend is coming - new country tide, new cultural innovation, new consumption.

The household brand below country tide is rising increasingly. In the wave whale bathroom exhibition, the whole exhibition hall is full of girl matte powder, simple lines, matte black products, trend personality and Chinese elements collide with each other, bringing a strong visual impact.

Inspired by the ancient silk paintings unearthed in Dunhuang, the new products of Guan Zhu Ceramic Exhibition hall have realized the integration of practicality and aesthetics, modernity and tradition. In the future, such cultural symbol integration and application will be more and more.

Even coating industry exhibitors also unwilling to lag behind, love besmear makeup with "mountain sea · color bound" for the theme, extract mountain form, the infinite aesthetic feeling that presents color.

In addition, in this Guangzhou Design Week, the "First Bay Area Cultural and creative Festival" was specially set up, gathering cultural and creative, film and television, games, music, animation, daily necessities, intangible heritage handicrafts and other exhibition contents, showing the diversity and integration of home and new cultural and creative.

The coffee shop in the corner, the youth book shop on the exhibition, and the convenience store selling luck...... It shows the new scene consumption under the upgrading tide, full of new experience and new vitality.

"New national tide, new cultural innovation, new consumption" is deeply leading the development pattern of the home furnishing industry, not only reflected in the design, style, crossover, but also reflected in the core driving force behind the upgrade of the manufacturing industry, because of this, can continue to help domestic brands get rid of low quality low-end image, full of new vitality.

4, smart home integration deeper

In recent years, more and more enterprises/manufacturers enter the field of smart home, especially lighting, household appliances and other enterprises, began to the whole house intelligent layout. Go up in 2021 Guangzhou design week, the reporter is in stroll exhibition, also experienced all sorts of smart household product that flaps on the face and comes.

There are not only sanfeng Lighting, Blue View lighting and other exhibitors focused on intelligent lighting; Other exhibitors focusing on whole-house intelligence, such as Youwei Lighting and GREENmi Aqara, presented the immersive intelligent lighting experience pavilion of "Future, Wisdom and Health" in this Guangzhou Design Week.

In addition, under the support of intelligence, gradually people-oriented, from the aspects of living habits, work and rest mode, extend many intelligent new products with health monitoring, disinfection and other functions.

It has to be said that in the era of 5G, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, smart home is a field worthy of everyone's expectation and attention. What more comprehensive smart home ecosystem will there be in the future, and how to build a smart lifestyle into millions of families, are worth everyone, especially smart home enterprises to discuss and think about.

5. Under generation Z, simplicity and light luxury still dominate

No matter when and where, fashion trends are always a hot topic, and this year's Guangzhou Design Week is no exception. The reporter is wandering exhibition discovery: contemporary and contracted, light luxurious and decorous still is nowadays big hot mainstream style, and still will continue for a long time.

In the bimei floor exhibition hall, you can feel the simple and luxurious noble elements from the modeling, color and other aspects. The unique lines on the original hand-painted walls of the exhibition hall are inspired by the contours of the Italian luxury brand Filedro's floor.

Impressively, the exhibition hall also has a red dot award section. Felt sound-absorbing wallboard series products are unique, a total of 5 fashion design and color, each design and color are equipped with the corresponding felt inserts, pure felt surface can absorb noise, effective noise reduction, is very suitable for consumers who have a quiet home environment demand.

The theme of the chief residence of the customized home furnishing brand is "combination with wood", abandoning redundant decoration and choosing matte finish technology, giving a feeling of low-key luxury. In addition to the chief residence, Li Mi home, full health custom brand Braandu and other exhibition halls have created a sense of modern simplicity and light luxury.

With the market getting younger and younger, the power of simplicity over luxury will continue to grow gradually. Under the trend of "minimalism" and "light luxury" everywhere, how to be creative, not to overemphasize style and techniques, and to reflect "extreme luxury" from the process details, is what enterprises need to pay attention to.

Under pressure under the outbreak, the furniture industry is still go on, sweep the beginning see gold, unity is strength, we have seen the power of convergence, go in to jointly promote the industry, to climbing high, present a high-quality exhibitions, believe that no matter how the road ahead, as long as the household enterprise self iterative change continuously, can create new way!