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Construction requirements and characteristics of architectural decoration engineering

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Building decoration engineering is a complexity, and the art of writing project, the different decoration style, need material numerous good and bad are intermingled, plus the limitation of architectural space, in the process of construction of the process, cause a lot of inconvenience, construction need to constantly sum up experience in practice, master the construction characteristics, improve construction efficiency. The construction features of the current construction project in the construction process include:

The project content of decoration project and the material used in construction are diversified and complicated. Decoration engineering, whether in the scope of construction or construction content, contains content, projects, complex. Construction content is divided into ordinary decoration engineering construction and senior construction engineering construction. In construction respect, be aimed at all sorts of adornment style, to adornment structure and choose material breed much, same adornment space should use a variety of material and working procedure to finish, because this should have sufficient understanding and the method that holds material specification, source, construction.

Architectural decoration engineering

Large amount of investment. Because modern people's living conditions are too high, so the building decoration generally adopts new materials, new technology and other high-end engineering decoration, in order to ensure the construction effect.

The construction cycle of adornment project is short, artificial labor force slants big. Due to the influence of various factors, mainly rely on artificial construction, although many places have used advanced machinery and tools, but the artificial labor force is relatively large, the degree of mechanized construction is relatively low, its efficiency is low.

Construction site requirements to maintain a good construction environment, such as in the paint process, in order to ensure quality, then the construction site shall not have dust, in addition to the winter construction, appropriate adjustment of indoor temperature, do the necessary fire prevention measures.

Security issues. Due to the construction personnel, and the construction procedures cross many, once the accident will have an accident, so the safety is low, therefore, do a good job of safety precautions, the construction site inspection, to avoid some unnecessary dangers.