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The three links of building engineering decoration

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It is understood, according to the "building energy conservation project construction quality acceptance specifications" and China's current relevant standards and specifications, China energy conservation and environmental protection decoration certification guidance center and interior decoration association indoor environment committee pointed out: We must implement the national building energy conservation standards into the whole process of home decoration and decoration, from the home interior decoration and decoration engineering, lay the foundation for building engineering energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. Of course, in this process, we must pay attention to some problems. Therefore, we must pay attention to the three important links.

Energy saving design of decoration

Like the energy saving and environmental protection of construction engineering, the energy saving of decoration should also pay attention to the design. In the specific decoration design, we must pay attention to the energy saving effect of the house itself and the use of the owners, to the energy saving decoration engineering system design. Among them, including the building envelope structure design, energy-saving and water-saving materials production and design, and other related products design.

Construction engineering

Promote the use of energy-saving materials and related products

In the decoration engineering, to promote the use of energy-saving new technology, new process, new materials and related new design, for those high energy consumption of technology, process, materials and equipment, to limit or prohibit the use, so as to save energy from the point of view of energy consumption. In addition, in the building decoration to design, installation of node water-saving appliances.

Construction management link

On the one hand, in the process of decoration and decoration, we must protect the structure and facilities of energy-saving buildings to a certain extent, and can not destroy activities in the process of decoration and decoration. On the other hand, for entering the construction site of wall materials, insulation materials and doors and Windows, lighting and other equipment to carry out strict inspection. Construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant provisions to ensure the energy-saving and environmental protection effect of the construction itself. In addition, it is in the process of construction, we should pay attention to saving materials in the decoration process and reducing unnecessary waste.