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Before bridal chamber is decorated, these 20 decorate a problem to be worth collecting

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1, decoration budget

Decorate budget is the most important, decide the house to decorate style, decorate class

General decoration: 300-900 yuan /㎡

Middle grade decoration: 900-1500 yuan /㎡

High-grade decoration: more than 1500 yuan /㎡

(Different regions, different prices, only for reference)

Budget distribution:

Hard installation: 43% (Material 24%, labor 10%, management 4%, design 5%)

Soft decoration: 57% (furniture 27%, home appliances 20%, decoration 10%)

Before the proposal is decorated, understand the local market price to decorate a budget again, every money spent when decorating is recorded in an account.

2, looking for who to decorate

1, acquaintances: looking for acquaintances decoration decoration is poor embarrassed to say, it is possible that the decoration is a friend, after the decoration is an enemy.

2, construction team (foreman) : the price may be lower than looking for decoration company, but some construction team is not normal, if there is a problem after decoration may not find people.

3, decoration company: the price is slightly higher, but worry, big decoration company after-sales.

3, clear bag or half bag or full bag which is better

1. Bag cleaning: construction and installation

2, half package: auxiliary material + construction, the owner to buy the main material

3, all inclusive: main material + auxiliary material + construction.

4, auxiliary materials: wire, water pipe, latex paint (some latex paint will be divided as the main material), putty, all kinds of glue, all kinds of sew crack prevention materials, river sand, cement, waterproof, lines, keel, all kinds of woodworking board, gypsum board, aluminum gusset plate, all kinds of nails, screws and so on.

5, main material: floor tile, wall brick, skirting line, sanitary ware, bathroom, door, electrical appliances, etc

Time is sufficient, want to save money to choose clear bag, have certain time, want oneself to master advocate material quality to choose half bag, do not have time, decorate style complex to choose complete bag.

4, where to understand the decoration knowledge

Some, small red book, live well, all kinds of decoration forum and so on as long as you want to learn, a lot of places, is afraid of you lazy

5, looking for designers online design is not reliable?

1. You don't know who set........ behind your back

2, have not been to the construction site, many places may not be designed in place.

6, how to look at the decoration quotation

Contents of quotation sheet: serial number, project, material brand, model and specification, construction technology, unit price, unit, quantity, labor cost, material loss, remarks and signature

Matters needing attention:

1. Don't just focus on the total price on the quotation list. A low total price is not always good.

2. Pay attention to the units of measurement

3, pay attention to the construction process, the clearer the process is, the better

4, pay attention to the brand, model and specification of decoration materials

5, pay attention to whether it includes material handling fees, management fees, etc

7. What should we pay attention to when signing the decoration contract?

1. Schedule agreement

2. Pay attention to after-sales service, warranty period and content

3. Remember to write down any increase or decrease in expenses. No more than 5% of the total cost

4. Payment method and payment schedule shall be indicated

5. Sign the contract after confirming the complete drawing and quotation

Don't have time to go to the site to stare at how to do?

1, please spend some money decoration supervision

2, the acceptance should be careful, every node to the site acceptance.

How to prevent workers from cutting corners?

1. Indicate in the contract how to deal with materials being stolen or deliberately wasted

2, they should learn to calculate the amount of material

3, have free time to go to the site to see, take more photos to retain evidence.

10. How do you charge for water and electricity reconstruction?

1, point charge: the number of point configuration is unknown. Generally, there will be a limit on how many points in the contract. If you don't ask, the later stage is to add money

2, meter charge: the cost of slotting is generally separately priced, early do not tell you it is easy to cause cost overruns. And you can wind. Winding can be so subtle that a layman may not be able to spot it.

What season is the decoration good?

1, spring and autumn day decoration, running materials market and site more comfortable.

2, winter and summer because it is the off-season, workers will not be as busy as the peak season, the price of materials is relatively preferential.

General decoration before 2 months or so should begin to prepare.

How long will the decoration take?

Under normal circumstances, the construction period for solid work is about 60-90 days

13, switch socket to buy how many suitable?

Before water and electricity position, house advocate stroll inside the house first - stroll, imagine the appearance of life after, need what electric appliance, how can put, communicate with electrician again, walk water and electricity, electricity union opens a bill for you, according to buy go, do not worry.

Ceramic tile and wood floor which good?

1, to say comfort, must be good wood floor, warm in winter and cool in summer

2, price, general wood floor to expensive point

3, ceramic tile good care, wood floor needs good maintenance

15. Does the house need ceiling?

If there are these requirements, it is recommended to suspend the ceiling, such as beams in the house, a large number of pipeline lines, the room area is large enough, the need for concave modeling, hidden central air conditioning, the need to install embedded lamps and lanterns.

Do you want central air conditioning?

Basically be the area that sees a house and your demand, be about to determine before decorating, because the word of installing central air conditioning must condole top.

1. Central air conditioning is recommended for 200㎡

2, 100-200 square meters of both, see yourself

3. Ordinary air conditioning under 100㎡

General height less than 2.7 meters of customers are not recommended to install.

17. Integrated stove or range hood?

1. In terms of function, there must be more integrated kitchen functions.

2. On the price, it seems that the integrated kitchen is more expensive if you look alone, but if you add the range hood kitchen range and storage cabinet, the price is not too far away.

3. In appearance, the lampblack machine may be slightly better looking, but everyone has different eyes.

18, if installed floor heating, what matters needing attention?

1, do not hit, knock on the ground, not to mention on the ground. Wedge in any sharp object. Because the floor heating pipe laid under the ground is only about 3-4cm away from the floor surface, if not careful, it is easy to hurt the floor heating pipe.

2, the ground is recommended to use ceramic tiles, better thermal conductivity! If you use the floor, you can choose the floor heating special floor!

How can decoration be as environmentally friendly as possible?

1, first of all, it is recommended to use environmental protection materials, three no products do not use, there are generally Chinese environmental signs (ten ring signs).

2. The main source of formaldehyde in decoration is glue, so we must use a good glue.

3, we must know that there is no zero formaldehyde material, do not be fooled by the material business

20. How to remove formaldehyde after decoration?

In addition to formaldehyde, the best method is still ventilation, other general effect