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Home decoration acceptance note this one can not be careless

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Bridal chamber is decorated find decorate a company, stylist, supervisor to wait, still do not calculate finish a job. House decoration and the last pass is acceptance, xiaobian for you to introduce new house acceptance pay attention to details, for your reference. Fine acceptance, this can help you reduce the trouble of living in the future, in the acceptance of important projects, especially hidden works, can not be careless.

Acceptance project 1: wooden furniture

About wood project acceptance, mainly for doors and Windows, ceiling, wall, floor, such as inspection, from the installation is reasonable, whether the doors and Windows material use prevent deformation of the material, switch, door frames, window frames and glass perimeter seal, whether level off the floor, the splicing whether straight, uniform surface to check whether there are scratches and so on several aspects.

Acceptance project TWO: paint process

Adornment decorates the surface treatment of the most critical, paint must choose high quality material, coating or spray paint before must do surface treatment, mix oil on wood surface first plain gray, polished smooth after spraying paint, wall paint of metope besmear again, be sure to use primer (in the acid-base reaction) of isolation wall and finishes to prevent metope color. Mainly from the paint smoothness, feel, color, integrity and other aspects of inspection.

Acceptance project three: water pipe sanitary ware

The acceptance of water includes sink, basin, sanitary ware, water pipe, heating and so on. When checking and accepting, the installation that basically sees cistern, basin, clean provides is level off, firm, up and down waterway pipeline is straight, fastener whether has been installed, joint does not have leakage, seepage phenomenon to wait.

Acceptance item four: circuit circuit

The acceptance of electricity mainly includes power cord (socket, switch, lamp), TV, telephone. Mainly depends on the material of the power line, whether it is gb copper wire, general lighting and socket use 2.5 square lines, kitchen and bathroom use 4 square lines, check whether the details of the power line are humanized; In addition, check whether the TV and telephone signal cables are kept a certain distance from the power cord (no less than 250mm).

Acceptance project five: ceramic tile floor

Of this link accept and accept, basically check the use of ceramic tile, stone material and laid circumstance. Before the construction of the general pre-selection process, the specifications of different materials are classified, respectively in different Spaces, to ensure that the brick joint alignment, the individual warping materials as cutting materials; When accepting, basically see pavement outfit effect is satisfied.

Summary: good room inspection, naturally live comfortably and at ease. If there is no good project in the decoration construction, the house acceptance did not find any problems, but after living

This can affect the quality of your residence and your mood. Therefore, the acceptance of this project can not be careless.