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Forward the notice of Guangzhou Construction Commission on canceling the filing of construction enterprises and promoting the construction market credit system construction

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In order to reduce the construction market management links, improve the efficiency of the construction market, vigorously promote the construction market integrity system construction work, promote the orderly and healthy development of the construction industry, the commission decided to cancel the construction enterprise record and other eight record management matters, establish enterprise integrity files, promote enterprise integrity management. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

, cancel the construction enterprises for the record, project supervision enterprises for the record, a procuratorial agency for the record of the year and single filing, engineering cost consulting enterprises annual record and individual for the record, ready-mixed concrete products for the record, concrete prefabricated enterprises for the record, the construction enterprise registration change, engineering supervision enterprise registration change, etc. Eight filing management matters.

Second, according to the State Council "about the decision of the rectify and standardize market economic order" (guo fa [2001] no. 11) and the ministry of construction "about to speed up the building construction market credit files of relevant enterprises and professional and technical personnel notice (built city [2002] no. 155)," about accelerating construction market credit system construction work opinion "([2005] of the built city No.138) and other relevant regulations, all the construction industry (including ready-mixed concrete, precast concrete component enterprises), supervision, bidding agency, cost consulting and other enterprises in Guangzhou shall register relevant information of enterprises in Guangzhou Construction Engineering Exchange Center, and establish enterprise integrity files (A type IC card). The specific requirements for the establishment of corporate integrity files (CLASS A IC card) will be separately issued by Guangzhou Construction Engineering Exchange Center. The enterprise information to be registered shall include: the qualification of the enterprise and its branches in Guangzhou, the site of operation in Guangzhou, the management organization, relevant personnel and other information.

3. All construction related enterprises in Guangzhou shall establish credit files (A-type IC card) once registered to record their business activities in Guangzhou. If there is a record of bad behavior, it will affect the development of enterprises in guangzhou construction market. All relevant units shall operate in good faith and abide by the law, and consciously maintain the order of the municipal construction market.

Iv. The Commission will organize a full-time inspection team to establish a daily inspection system, and be responsible for checking the situation of management personnel in place, performance of duties and office premises against the enterprise registration information. Once found fraud, illegal subcontracting projects, do not fulfill the promise of winning the bid "shell company", will be firmly cracked down, until the city's construction market.

V. This notice shall take effect on February 1, 2010.

Notice is hereby given that the

Guangzhou Urban and Rural Construction Commission Office

Issued on 8 January 2010