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Notice on the Spring Festival holiday in 2013

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Departments, branches and project departments:

The Spring Festival of 2013 is approaching. Considering the characteristics of our industry, we have decided the holiday arrangement during the Spring Festival as follows: February 7, 2013 to February 18, 2013, and February 19, 2013 (the beginning of the 10th). The company headquarters will arrange telephone duty during the holiday. Please pay attention to the following items during the festival:

1. Personnel shall be on duty 24 hours a day at construction sites to ensure site safety;

2. All units, especially construction sites with projects under construction, should earnestly implement safety measures such as fire prevention and theft prevention to ensure that responsible persons are responsible for proper prevention;

Three, travel staff must pay attention to safety, should not be taken lightly;

Four, each unit should pay workers wages in time and in full, let workers feel at ease during holidays, eliminate unstable factors.

5. During the festival, the company arranges the company leaders and relevant business principals to be on duty. Please contact the company personnel on duty in time when any emergency occurs or urgent matters are handled.

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January 5, 2013