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Notice on work safety during Mid-Autumn festival and National Day Holidays

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Do a good job during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays

Notice of work safety

Departments, branches and project departments:

Mid-Autumn festival, National Day holiday is approaching, the construction task is heavy, workers homesick, all kinds of factors are not conducive to the intersection of safe production, safety production management should be strengthened; The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is approaching. Government departments at all levels attach great importance to the work of production safety and put forward strict requirements for prevention and defense. In view of this, the company requires the person in charge of each unit to raise a high degree of vigilance and consciousness, try to do a good job in the safety of the unit, to ensure that no safety accidents, do the following work.

First, consciously study, strengthen safety education. Each unit to consciously take the lead in learning and organizational learning, director of the provincial party committee of the communist party of China (guangdong, the guangdong people's government on further strengthening production safety work opinion ", the key to grasp "a pair of responsibilities", "five strengthening", "one ticket veto", fully aware of the urgency and importance of safety in production work, to carry out the relevant spirit into the unit of work safety in production; To strengthen safety education work, make full use of banners, slogans, board reports, pre-class meetings, regular meetings and other forms and ways to carry out safety education work, to ensure that the relevant personnel are familiar with and master safety production rules and regulations, labor discipline, operating procedures. Focus on the typical accident case study education, so that the relevant personnel fully realize the risk and harm of safety accidents, cultivate their consciousness to do a good job in production safety.

Organize the inspection of production safety. Production safety accidents are often caused by hidden dangers, and hidden dangers exist in different forms at all times, and the investigation of hidden dangers is particularly important. Each unit should organize effective personnel to go deep into construction site, warehouse, office place immediately to carry out safety production inspection, eliminate accident hidden trouble in time.

Third, scientific organization and reasonable arrangement. Each unit should do a good job in production scheduling work, deal with the 衘 problem of each type of work, avoid three-dimensional cross operation and control of continuous operation time of construction personnel, eliminate the accident hidden danger brought by it; Holiday site should be carefully arranged on duty.

Accident no rest, safety no vacation. For safety work, at any time, we can not have lax paralysis thought, we only grasp the nettle, efforts to scientific work, in order to stay away from the accident. If necessary, please contact the staff on duty on National Day in time.

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September 27, 2012