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Forward the notice about doing a good job in construction management this winter and next spring

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Construction bureau of each district (county-level city), safety (quality) supervision station of each construction project, construction and supervision unit of each project:

2012 New Year's Day and The Spring Festival will come, in order to effectively strengthen the construction safety management during the two sections, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, attach great importance to the construction safety management work this winter and next spring

At the end of the year, due to the project management personnel and workers' safety ideas easy to relax, workers mobility, is the high incidence of construction safety accidents. In addition to dry winter, construction sites are also prone to fire accidents, the night of December 26, huadu District in our city a construction site had a fire accident, fortunately did not cause casualties. Hope that all units attach great importance to this winter and next spring construction safety management work, focus on the New Year's day, Spring Festival and the "two sections" before and after the safety production management, earnestly implement the safety production management responsibility, strengthen safety production inspection and hidden trouble investigation, prevent the occurrence of construction safety production accidents.

Second, vigorously carry out construction site safety investigation work

Each unit in the two sections before and after the launch of construction site hidden trouble investigation action, effectively eliminate the site safety hidden trouble.

(1) All construction, construction and supervision units shall conscientiously organize self-examination and self-rectification, carry out multi-level safety inspections by enterprises, project departments, work teams and other groups, and timely take rectification measures for the problems found in the inspections to ensure that the rectification rate of hidden dangers reaches 100%. To focus on the following aspects:

1. Plan preparation, approval and implementation of dangerous partial projects.

2. Construction lifting equipment maintenance and operation health status, in the installation, jacking, disassembly and other key links of the plan preparation and approval, safety technology disclosure and implementation.

3. Status of special operation personnel with certificates.

4. The protection of the edge and the entrance and the safety of temporary electricity consumption.

5. Implementation of Provisions on Fire Safety Management of Guangzhou Construction Engineering Construction Site (Suijianzhi (2011) No. 617).

(2) Each enterprise shall summarize the construction site safety inspection and rectification, and retain the site for future reference. Each construction site project department shall organize safety inspection, which shall be summarized by the supervision unit and reported to each construction project safety supervision agency in the form of supervision report.

(three) each district (county-level city) construction bureau and the construction project safety supervision station, should conscientiously organize and carry out the special safety inspection before and after the festival, focusing on the inspection of the construction site to carry out hidden trouble investigation work implementation. Combined with the fourth quarter of the construction project safety special inspection organized by the commission, in-depth investigation of construction safety hazards in the jurisdiction. Those responsible units that fail to carry out hierarchical safety inspection on construction sites under their jurisdiction, fail to rectify the problems found in the inspection in time, have no inspection record or the inspection work is merely a formality shall be criticized in a circular and recorded in the archives of enterprise integrity.

Strengthening safety management of construction site resumption after the Spring Festival

After the Spring Festival of 2012, the supervision unit shall organize safety inspection of the construction site before the resumption of work, and timely eliminate potential safety hazards. The construction units shall apply to the construction project safety supervision agencies for resumption of work at construction sites that have been checked and approved by the construction project safety supervision agencies. No construction shall be allowed on any site that fails to meet the requirements for safe production after re-examination, where the management personnel are not fully in place or safety inspection has not been organized for resumption of work.

Iv. Implement emergency management and on-duty system during festivals

During the festival, each construction site should implement the management personnel on duty system, arrange special personnel on duty and leaders on duty to ensure the smooth flow of information. All district (county-level city) construction bureaus and construction project safety and quality supervision organs at all levels shall strictly implement the safety production scheduling and on-duty system and leading cadres' on-duty system, keep abreast of the safety production trends, properly handle and timely report emergencies.

Urban and Rural Construction Commission of Guangzhou City

December 31, 2011