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Notice on work safety during New Year's Day and Spring Festival

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New Year's Day, the Spring Festival holiday approaching, all kinds of factors not conducive to production safety increase, easy to produce negligence, is the production safety accident prone period. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen production safety management and eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers to ensure production safety. Therefore, the company put forward the following requirements on the recent work focus of production safety management, please be sure to strictly implement.

First, strengthen safety education. In view of the characteristics of people easily distracted and lax in the near future, we should take effective forms to carry out safety education work extensively. The company has sent a new batch of typical production safety accident cases and analysis to each unit mailbox on the 9th of this month, please each unit must seriously study and launch safety education work, each unit responsible person must take the lead in learning. Relevant learning situation should be reported to the company in writing during the Spring Festival.

Second, do a good job in the settlement and payment of workers' wages. All units must, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant Ministries and commissions of the State Council, conscientiously settle and pay the wages of workers, especially migrant workers, before the New Year's Day of 2012. The company will inform the case and investigate the legal responsibility of the main person in charge.

Iii. Immediate inspection of production safety. Each unit should organize competent personnel, in-depth construction sites, warehouses, workers' dormitories and other places, check leadership, check ideas, check system, check management, check hidden dangers; For the hidden dangers found in the inspection, according to the rectification responsible person, rectification completion time, rectification measures to complete the rectification requirements; Work on duty during holidays shall be arranged for uncompleted and newly started construction sites. From now on, the company will carry out safety inspection of all projects under construction.

The above notice is implemented in good faith.

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December 12, 2012