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Notice on work safety during the May 1st Period

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Branch companies, Engineering Department and Project Department:

As the May 1 holiday approaches, various factors that are not conducive to production safety are increasing, and it is increasingly urgent to prevent production safety accidents, especially major ones. In order to ensure the production safety of the company, the company puts forward the following specific requirements for the current stage of production safety, and all units must strictly implement them.

First, strengthen safety education, to ensure that all employees do not relax their vigilance in production safety. As the festival approaches, people's spirits are easily dispersed, which is not conducive to safe production. All units may strengthen safety education by means of typical production safety accident cases, slogans and propaganda boards.

Two, carry out comprehensive safety inspection, eliminate all kinds of security risks. From now on, each unit should organize competent personnel, check the place such as site of construction project, warehouse comprehensively, key check 4 5 face edge, use electricity safety, fire operation, inflammable and explosive articles, high level operation, whether to obey safe operation rules, labor protection articles to use and so on. The company's safety production office from now on to check the construction projects, at the same time spot check workers' wages.

Three, do a good job of security on duty. During the holiday holiday construction projects to arrange personnel on duty, emergency communication and other emergency measures; Report to the company in case of any accident.

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April 21, 2011