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Notice on work safety and wage payment for migrant workers before the 2011 Spring Festival

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Yuehua Decoration Zhi 'an [2011] No. 01 Issued by: Deng Wenzhong

Notice on work safety and wage payment for migrant workers before the 2011 Spring Festival

Branch companies, Engineering Department and Project Department:

2011 Spring Festival is approaching, all kinds of factors that are not conducive to production safety will increase, and production safety accidents are prone to occur. In order to effectively complete the current work of production safety, according to the relevant system of the company and the requirements of higher government departments, the following specific requirements are put forward for the work of production safety in the near future:

1, according to the State Council on further strengthening the enterprise safety in production work the circular (guo fa [2010] no. 23) the spirit of the related system and company requirements, each unit to all construction projects to strengthen security management, strengthen management of hidden perils, strengthen the personnel safety training education, to ensure that the special operations personnel related certificates, Supervise the registration, installation, disassembly, testing, use and maintenance of tower cranes and other construction cranes on construction sites, ensure the effective formulation and implementation of construction plans, safety plans and emergency rescue plans, and ensure the implementation of safety production responsibility system. Recently, low temperature and freezing in south China continue, all construction projects should ensure that construction personnel wear warm clothes, especially outdoor work, to prevent the range of low temperature caused by the reduction of safety skills of personnel caused by falling accidents.

2, according to the "Guangdong Construction Department on further do a good job in the construction of migrant workers wage payment notice" (Guangdong Construction management letter [2008] No. 416) article spirit and requirements (this article has been on the company website, each unit must be online to study carefully), the head of each unit to attach great importance to the wage payment work of migrant workers. All units should arrange funds reasonably and make every effort to ensure timely and full payment of migrant workers' wages. At the same time, the company emphasizes once again that the payment procedures for migrant workers' wages must be complete, the roster of all workers should be compiled, and each payment of wages must have the payee's signature, and the original signature should be stored in the project Department for future reference. Otherwise, labor department inspection cannot provide, will be punished. The company will investigate the responsibility of the relevant units and personnel for any adverse impact caused by the failure to pay the wages of migrant workers.

3. Do a good job of safety on duty. Each unit should arrange competent personnel to do a good job in construction projects, warehouses and other key places of safety on duty work, strictly prevent fire and other safety accidents. To ensure the emergency communication conditions of the personnel on duty, the night shift should be set up an intensive shift.

All units must conscientiously implement all work in accordance with the requirements of the notice to ensure the normal order of production and operation of the company.

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January 26, 2011