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Safety production management system/regulations iv

Xiii. Construction site security system

In order to create a good construction environment, reduce and eliminate various unsafe factors, and ensure the smooth completion of construction projects, this system is specially formulated.

1, the construction project must be closed management, special personnel on duty at the gate.

2, all personnel with the entry card, strictly prohibit all unrelated to production miscellaneous personnel in and out.

3. Vehicles entering the site should be checked and registered, and vehicles leaving the site must have a release slip.

4. It is forbidden for private persons to illegally carry explosive, highly toxic, flammable, radioactive and other dangerous materials into the construction site.

5. It is forbidden to carry guns and controlled knives into the site.

6. Employees living in collective dormitories on the construction site are not allowed to detain their relatives and friends to stay overnight without the approval of their leaders. Visiting relatives and friends must meet guests in designated places and is not allowed to meet guests in collective dormitories.

7. All contract workers and temporary workers whose household registration is not in the local area of the construction project shall apply for temporary residence permit at the local police station with their id cards within three days of entering the site according to regulations.

8. Those who violate the regulations on the Administration of public security and whose circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime shall be transferred to the public security department to be investigated for criminal responsibility according to the provisions of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China; If the case does not constitute a crime, the company shall give a severe punishment.

Safety management system for construction height of building decoration and installation

In order to ensure the safety of personnel and property working at high places and effectively prevent various safety accidents caused by working at high places, the following systems are formulated according to the relevant national standards.

1. Any operation with a vertical height of 2 meters or more from the falling datum is considered as high operation and must comply with this system.

2, all high operations must have a reliable foothold, operators must wear safety helmet, seat belt, wear non-slip shoes. The workpiece and tools should be placed safely, and the small workpiece tools should be placed in the tool bag. Do not throw objects downward.

3. If the operation is necessary, the temporary removal or alteration of safety protection facilities must be approved by the construction person in charge and reliable measures shall be taken. The operation shall be resumed immediately after the operation.

4. It is strictly forbidden to work in high places after drinking and without enough rest; People suffering from occupational contraindications such as hypertension, heart disease and epilepsy are prohibited to work at heights.

5, up and down scaffolding must take a dedicated channel, no climbing scaffolding.

6. Forbid stereoscopic cross-work. Effective isolation and protection measures should be taken when three-dimensional cross-operation is necessary.

7, scaffolding, operation platform before setting up must be in accordance with the "construction fastener steel pipe scaffold safety Technical Specifications" (JGJ130-2001) requirements to prepare a special construction plan, do a good job of strength, deflection design check calculation, reported to the company's technical director for approval, approval can be reversed. The use of geotechnical construction scaffolding, to fully negotiate and communicate with civil construction units and owners. Before the scaffold is put into use, the project department or company must organize acceptance inspection according to the situation, and the scaffold can be put into use only after passing the acceptance inspection.

8, outdoor scaffolding should do lightning protection measures, should be reliable grounding.

9, rainy season construction should be built at the top of the scaffolding rain shelter; After rain, anti-skid measures should be taken to prevent falling objects and components from dumping events; Pay attention to the insulation inspection of power cables, power tools and other electrical equipment after rain to prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents after rain.

10, typhoon season construction, should timely grasp the climate change situation, when the typhoon is approaching, should be the site of mechanical equipment, wires, pipelines to carry out a comprehensive inspection, and according to the extent of the impact of the corresponding countermeasures, temporary reinforcement of scaffolding. Stop working on high ground before typhoon. Organize safety inspection of scaffolding, power lines and so on immediately after typhoon.

11, avoid cold currents and cold weather construction, when the temperature is too low to stop all high operations.

12. When the hanging basket (another ship) must be used for operation, the proposed hanging basket (ship) must be checked and qualified by the special mechanical and electrical equipment testing unit determined, and within the validity period of the certificate; There should be a perfect installation and special plan for use, which shall be reviewed and sealed by the chief engineer of the company, and then submitted to the general contractor (if any) for review and then submitted to the supervision unit for review. Only after the review and approval can the installation be carried out, and the installation must be accepted by the company and the supervision unit after completion of the installation, and can be put into use after passing the acceptance inspection.

13. The installation and use of the basket (boat) must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the special scheme and specifications. Before using the basket (boat), it is necessary to ensure that safety rope, anti-fall device, safety belt, anti-impact device, circuit breaker, leakage protector and other safety devices are complete and effective.

14. During the use of the basket (ship), there must be special safety supervision personnel on the spot to ensure that the operation is standardized and to prevent accidents.

15. During the use of the basket (boat), a safety warning area must be set up below it.

The ladder should be solid and reliable, the bottom of the ladder foot should be solid, not high pad use. There should be fixed measures at the top of the ladder. It should be used at the right Angle, and there should be special personnel to take care of the ladder operation.

17, rain, thunder, wind above level 6, fog weather must stop all outdoor high operations.

Provisions on the management of labor protection articles

Labor protection equipment is divided into the following nine categories: safety helmet, respiratory protection equipment, eye protection equipment, hearing protection equipment, protective shoes, protective gloves, protective clothing, anti-fall protection equipment, skin care products. Before the project starts, occupational health and safety hazard sources shall be identified according to the relevant requirements of the company's safety management, occupational health and safety hazard sources list, moderate or above hazard sources list and objective management plan shall be established, and necessary labor protection articles shall be equipped on this basis.

First, the choice of labor protection articles

1, safety helmet class.

A) As light as possible, cushioning the impact of falling objects and having sufficient strength.

B) Comfortable and not stuffy.

C) Adequate impact absorption and penetration resistance, combustion resistance, low temperature resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation.

2. Eye protection equipment.

A) No bubbles, impurities, smooth surface, smooth frame. The lens should be firmly attached to the frame.

B) Use according to the shading number and instruction manual marked.

C) The color should not be monochrome.

D) Use different protective covers according to different types of work.

3. Respiratory protective equipment.

A) Respirators with canisters should be used in toxic places.

B) Non-toxic dust site selected air supply type.

C) Oxygen respirator for hypoxia occasions.

4. Hearing protectors.

A) earplugs or sound-proof cotton earplugs should be used in places from 90 db to 100dB (a).

B) for 100~125 dB (A), wear ear muffs under the conditions mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

C) places above 125 dB (A), earplugs and noise-proof caps.

5, protective shoes.

A) Prevent objects from falling.

B) Smooth places can be anti-skid.

C) Can protect nails and other sharp objects.

D) Impact and penetration resistance.

E) As light as possible.

F) Not to interfere with operational operations.

G) fit.

6. Protective gloves

A) Try not to interfere with hand function.

B) Suitable length.

C) It is better to use elastic type for opening.

D) Gloves should not be used near drilling machines, milling machines and conveyors and in places where there is a danger of clamping.

7. Protective clothing. Choose according to workplace needs.

A) Full-body protection.

B) Anti-gas clothing.

C) acid-resistant work clothes.

D) Fire-resistant work clothes.

E) Thermal insulation protective clothing.

F) Ventilation cooling suit.

G) Water cooling suit.

8, fall protection.

A) Sufficient strength.

B) prevents the human body from falling to a certain limit that can cause injury.

Second, the purchase

Must accomplish "3 certificate one ticket" namely fixed point production permit or production approval, inspection certificate, security authentication certificate and special bill. General labor protection articles must be through the provincial labor department of the qualification examination of the factory production of products; Special protective equipment must obtain the national labor protection products production license office issued "production license to produce products, and must go to guangdong Province special protective equipment business qualification certificate" unit purchase. It is strictly prohibited to purchase fake, shoddy, expired, mildew, invalid labor protection articles.

Three, granting

The distribution of labor protective articles shall be carried out according to the 1957 Notice of The State Council on the distribution and management of protective articles and the 1963 Standards for the Distribution of Personal protective Articles for Employees of state-owned Enterprises issued by the Ministry of Labor. Establish a registration card for the issuance of personal protective equipment for employees, carefully fill in clearly item by item, and keep it. The following factors should be considered.

1, the protective function of harmful factors, operating environment, labor intensity and the existence of harmful factors, nature, concentration, etc.

2, quality assurance, all indicators in line with national standards and industry standards, comfortable and convenient to wear.

3, according to the needs of safe production and prevention of occupational hazards, according to different types of work, different working conditions.

4. Release standards shall be implemented according to industry or local standards.

5, the work of the material is responsible for, project safety officer, company (branch) safety officer supervision and inspection.

6. Regular inspection system shall be established for special protective equipment. Unqualified or ineffective equipment shall not be used.

7. It is forbidden to issue or use chemical protective equipment in places with inflammable, explosive, burning and static electricity.

Four, the use of

Quality inspection should be carried out before the use of labor protective articles, especially for the protective articles in the workplace with serious harm. Generally by hand, eye and try on (wear) methods, if necessary also with the help of testing instruments. For example, check whether the top belt of the helmet liner is fastened, whether the vertical distance between the inner surface of the hat shell and the top liner is maintained at 25~50mm, whether the hat liner and the hat shell are plugged completely, and maintain the horizontal spacing of 5~20mm. Wearing should meet the requirements of the regulations, improper wearing will make the protective equipment play no protective role or weaken the protective effect.

V. Storage and repair

The storage methods of protective equipment should distinguish between different properties, and adopt the methods of centralized storage by special persons, decentralized storage by individuals or discarding the protective equipment at one time. Where the professional, complex structure, strict use requirements or emergency standby, should be centralized by a special person in charge of storage. Do a good job of inspection, replacement of accessories, disinfection, etc., place in a fixed and easy to access position, avoid pile pressure. Any suitable for personal size or with the use of class, should be dispersed for personal use storage.

During the period of individual use or collective storage of labor protection articles, when quality problems or parts defects are found, special personnel shall be responsible for repairing them, and they can continue to be used after passing the inspection.

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