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The State Council: clearing and standardizing earnest money in the field of engineering construction

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At a State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on June 15, The State Council decided to invalidate a number of policy documents that are inconsistent with existing laws and regulations, are not conducive to business development and do not meet the needs of economic and social development. We will arrange, clear and standardize deposits in the field of engineering construction, reduce enterprise costs and create a level playing field.

Meeting pointed out that comprehensive cleaning do not agree with the current laws and regulations, is not conducive to reform, development and policy documents, is a continuous reform and decentralization, combined the pipes, optimization services, the important measure of building the rule of law government, the more give play to the role of market mechanism, build innovation driven development strategy, promote the entrepreneurship, has good environment of innovation, Promoting the growth of the new economy and new drivers of growth is of great significance. On the basis of 489 previously declared invalid State Council documents, 506 of them will be declared invalid and suspended after strict examination, the meeting decided. Second, those that do not meet the needs of economic development and seriously restrict the production, operation and management activities of enterprises; The items for examination and approval established have been cancelled or delegated to lower levels, or different documents have repeated requirements or inconsistent provisions on the same item. The meeting called for better coordination of policies and better supervision during and after the event to prevent "gaps". In line with the above, all localities and government departments should promptly review and repeal policy documents that do not comply with existing laws and regulations or have no legal basis and are not conducive to ensuring steady growth, advancing reform, making structural adjustments, and benefiting the people.

The meeting also decided to optimize the approval of lightning protection projects and solve problems such as overlapping responsibilities, duplicate licenses and high fees for intermediary services. Lightning-proof permits for housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects undertaken by meteorological departments shall be included in the examination of construction drawings of construction projects and the record of completion acceptance and put on record under the supervision of housing and urban and rural construction departments. Standardizing the qualification license of lightning protection units and strengthening the lightning protection safety supervision. By implementing this reform, more than 200,000 construction projects each year can avoid duplicate permits, shorten the processing time by about 40 days, and reduce the burden on enterprises.

The meeting pointed out that starting from the engineering construction field, cleaning up and regulating excessive and excessive security deposit in various aspects is conducive to reducing costs, increasing vitality, developing credit economy, building a unified market and promoting fair competition. The meeting determined that the first is to clean up construction enterprises in the construction of projects to pay all kinds of security. Except for the wages of migrant workers, bidding, contract performance and project quality established in accordance with laws and regulations, the security deposit will be cancelled. Those already collected will be refunded by the end of this year. Second, without the approval of The State Council, no region or department shall set up any new earnest money project in the field of engineering construction. We will promote the disclosure of information on margin and establish a reporting and investigation mechanism. Third, change the way of deposit payment. The construction enterprise may pay the deposit in the form of bank guarantee. The receiving unit shall return them on time in strict accordance with the provisions. Fourth, standardize the management of margin. The upper limit of the reserved proportion of the project quality deposit shall not be higher than 5% of the total settlement amount of the project price; Where a performance bond has been paid before the completion of a project, the construction unit may not reserve a quality bond at the same time. Differentiated payment methods shall be implemented for the wage deposit of migrant workers. Enterprises that do not have wage arrears within a certain period of time can be exempted or reduced, and the proportion of wage arrears shall be increased. It is estimated that the above measures will revitalize nearly one trillion yuan of capital for construction enterprises.