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The company in-depth study and practice of the scientific outlook on Development activity briefing the second phase

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Guangdong Overseas Chinese building decoration Company in-depth study and practice of scientific development activities

The briefing

No. 2

Overseas Chinese architectural decoration company in-depth study and practice

Office of scientific Outlook on Development activity Leading Group

April 20, 2009

Developing new ideas to tackle the financial crisis

-- Overseas Chinese decoration company held a south branch (project department) work symposium

In order to better implement the scientific outlook on development, and strive to overcome the responsible influence brought by the international financial crisis, combined with the company's annual work arrangement, the company held the south branch (project Department) work forum in Guangzhou on April 12th. In line with the principle of saving and streamlining, the conference changed the form of large working meetings in previous years and held a one-day symposium to study the market situation, discuss development plans and implement various work.

Conference, Deng Wenzhong general manager pointed out that due to the impact of the international financial crisis, as well as the problems accumulated in daily production and business operation, bring to the company's continued development unprecedented difficulties, as premier wen jiabao's confidence is more precious than gold, in the current form of extremely complex economy, must reinforce our confidence, work in company as a whole the scientific development concept, Dare to overcome difficulties, go forward bravely, and make unremitting efforts to complete the annual economic responsibility targets issued by Guanghong Company.

In the symposium, the branch office (project department) person in charge of speak freely, respectively called each unit last year's business situation and the problems and solutions in the last year's work; In view of the current market situation and the focus of the problem, the next work put forward good suggestions and opinions.

By all accounts, scientific development is a fundamental way to against the economic crisis, the extent of the scientific development determines an enterprise's ability to overcome the crisis, so change the ideas of management, shift to a more scientific development track, is the key to the company can survive, scientific development promotion of comprehensive development, combined with the actual situation of our company is facing, is to expand the business way, On the basis of doing a good job in the decoration of the main business, the focus is transferred to the building curtain wall and steel structure engineering, at the same time, strengthen the strength of bidding work, cooperation with professional consulting companies, change the bidding strategy, strive for a higher probability of winning the bid. This year will also upgrade the intelligence and technical defense qualification, enrich the company's soft power, comprehensively enhance the company's brand image and visibility.

Through the forum, each branch (project department) person in charge have said to combine the opportunity of learning and practicing the scientific concept of development, further emancipate the mind, and strive to open up engineering projects, pay close attention to engineering project management, work together, and continue to develop and grow.