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Safety training materials 3

Five, safety management materials

There are specific requirements for safety management materials, which shall be subject to the requirements of the quality supervision station where the project is located. Only some of the important information requirements are listed here.

A. Safety education:

1, new workers enter the three-level safety education registration form (note, because each project has its own characteristics, all the construction personnel into the construction site must carry out three-level education, and to fill in the form, the content shall not miss to fill, signature shall not be signed)

2, the company (level 1) safety education record

3. Safety education record of project Department (level 2)

4. Team (level 3) safety education records

5, new workers admission level three safety education summary table


B. Pre-shift safety activities

1. Pre-shift safety activity records (daily pre-shift)

2. Weekly safety activity day records (once a week and on weekends)


C. Sub-project and special operation safety technology disclosure

1, scaffolding installation demolition engineering safety technology disclosure

2, attachment lifting scaffold engineering safety technology disclosure

3, steel derrick installation and disassembly engineering safety technology disclosure

4, template engineering safety technology disclosure

5, reinforcement engineering safety technology disclosure

6, concrete engineering construction safety technology disclosure

7, bricklaying, plastering engineering safety technology disclosure


8, mixing motor operation safety technology disclosure

9, derrick winch operation safety technology disclosure

Welder operation safety technology disclosure

Gas welder operation safety technology disclosure

Waterproof engineering construction safety technology disclosure



D. List of special operation personnel (copy of operation certificate)

1. Registration form of Special operation Certificate


E. Safety inspection

1, the construction enterprise site safety inspection accident hidden danger, rectification notice


2, the construction site regular safety inspection record form

3, construction safety inspection score summary table


F. On-site fire prevention management

1. Approval form of first-level fire operation on the construction site (approved by the responsible person of fire prevention in the Project Department)

Note: Secondary fire -- if a major fire accident may occur, the technical security department and security department of the fire extinguishing unit shall put forward opinions, and the fire prevention responsible person shall add specific opinions, which shall be submitted to the technical security department and security department of the enterprise for joint examination and approval by the fire prevention responsible person of the enterprise.

Third level fire -- in case of the possibility of a huge fire accident, the technical security department of the enterprise shall put forward opinions, and the fire prevention responsible person shall add specific opinions, which shall be examined and approved by the technical security department of the superior competent unit and the security department together, and shall be reported to the fire prevention responsible person of the enterprise for approval, and shall be reported to the municipal fire control department for the record.


Common terms and nouns


Production safety policy - safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment

The "three certainties" of accident rectification -- the person responsible for rectification, the rectification measures and the completion time

Three violations - illegal operation, illegal command, violation of labor discipline

Three treasures - helmet, safety belt, safety net

Three level distribution, two level protection -- through the general distribution box, distribution box, switch box electricity, in the general distribution box, switch box matching installed leakage protection switch

Four - reserved hole, elevator wellhead, passageway, stairway

New -- new technology, new process, new equipment, new materials

The cause of the accident will not be found out, rectification measures will not be implemented, those responsible for the accident and the general public will not be educated, and those responsible for the accident will not be punished.

Five edges: the periphery of the balcony without railings, the periphery of the roof without external frame protection, the periphery of the frame engineering floor, the two sides of the upper and lower runways and ramps, and the side of the unloading platform.

Five major damage - fall, collapse, mechanical damage, electric shock, object strike

Five cards and one picture -- project overview card, list of management personnel and telephone number of supervision card, fire protection (responsibility for arson) card, safe production card, civilized construction card and construction site plan

Eight not, four to, a clean - fire before the "eight not" : one, fire prevention, fire extinguishing measures do not implement fire; Two, the surrounding flammable debris is not removed without fire; Three, it is difficult to move nearby inflammables do not take safety precautions do not fire; Iv. Containers and pipes containing inflammable liquids such as oil shall not ignite without cleaning and removing the remaining oil; 5. Containers and pipes containing gas will be heated and expanded and have the risk of explosion will not be ignited; Workshops, warehouses and yards where inflammable and explosive goods are stored


So, do not fire without eliminating inflammable and explosive danger; Seven. When welding or cutting at a high place, the fuel below

Products are not cleaned or safety protection measures are not taken; 8. Fire shall not be ignited without corresponding fire extinguishing equipment.

Fire in the "four to" : first, fire before the designated site safety responsibility person; Second, the site safety responsible person and fire personnel must often pay attention to the fire situation, found unsafe signs to immediately stop fire; 3. Timely rescue in case of fire and explosion accidents; Four, fire personnel should strictly implement the safety operation rules.




"Clean up" after fire: fire personnel and site safety responsible person should thoroughly clean up the fire before leaving the site.


One machine, one gate, one box, one leak -- one switch box can only supply power to one electric machine and tool, and one knife switch and one leakage protector are installed in the box



15CM - 1, "Construction Engineering prevention of high fall accident provisions" (Construction quality [2003] No. 82) article 10: scaffold work layer hand plate and the building gap is greater than 15CM should be fully closed. 2, "construction high operation safety technical specifications" (GJ80-91) chapter 3 section 7: the vertical hole in the wall and other places, where the landing of the hole should be installed switch type, tool type or fixed protective door, door grid spacing should not be greater than 15CM.

24M -- the highest setting height of single-row steel pipe scaffolding

25M ~ 50M -- The scaffold at this height must be reinforced by double poles or encrypted poles (the normal vertical distance is 1.5m ~ 2M).

Above 50M - scaffolds within this height must be designed and checked, with reliable unloading method and foundation method.

2M -- the distance between the bottom step of the scaffold shall not be greater than 2M, and the vertical and horizontal sweeping bar shall be set at a height of about 20CM from the ground.


Guangdong Overseas Chinese building decoration company safety production committee

June 2008